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Gabriel Attal became the head of the French government. “Macron is preparing his troops for battle”

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France has a new prime minister. This is 34-year-old Gabriel Attal. Therefore, he is the youngest prime minister in the history of the country, and his private life also attracts the attention of his compatriots. Gabriel Attal is considered a rising star in French politics. He has a difficult task ahead of him – he has to breathe new life and new energy into the political project of President Macron, his mentor.

Gabriel Attal is 34 years old. He is the youngest prime minister in French history and the first head of the French government to openly declare his homosexual orientation. – The youngest president in the history of the republic appoints the youngest prime minister in its history. I want to see only one symbol here: boldness and agency, as well as, and perhaps above all, self-confidence, says Gabriel Attal. Despite his young age, Prime Minister Attal is not a man from nowhere. He has already served as government spokesman, minister of public finance, and minister of education, among others. He is considered a faithful soldier of President Emmanuel Macron.

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– He’s definitely not too young. If someone is effective, age does not matter. What terrifies me is that he is a mini-Macron, emphasizes Arthur Blot, a resident of Paris. – Macron decides everything anyway. It is obvious that Gabriel Attal is perfect because he is young and is completely devoted to his president. What does the reshuffle change for us? Personally, not much, adds Sophie Varillon, a resident of Paris.

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Gabriel Attal replaced Elisabeth Borne as prime minister. On Monday, she resigned. It supported, among other things, the extremely unpopular pension reform and the new law targeting immigrants. Emmanuel Macron himself decided to nominate Attal. This move is intended to refresh the image of the government in the year of the Olympic Games in Paris and the European elections. Number one in the polls is Marine Le Pen and her far-right National Rally.

Gabriel Attal is the new Prime Minister of FranceReuters

Tactical move?

– Macron is preparing his troops for battle. The European elections are five months away and the far right is gaining strength. Macron is eight points behind Le Pen. This is a huge loss. He needs someone who will be able to go into battle, who will appear on morning radio shows and debate with the rising star of the far right, Jordan Bardella, emphasizes political correspondent Michel Rose. The above-mentioned Jordan Bardella is the head of the National Union. He is even younger than the new prime minister – he is 28 years old. Both politicians have roots in North Africa – Bardella in Algeria, Attal in Tunisia.

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The new prime minister is considered a man who escapes the classic division into left and right. He comes from the Socialist Party, but as Minister of Education he made several decisions that were well received by conservatives. He introduced a ban on wearing abayas, i.e. long dresses traditionally worn by Muslim women, in state schools. He supported a pilot program of compulsory school uniforms. – Attal is a political prodigy. He communicates very well, he is only 34 years old, and he talks openly about his homosexuality. He brings a lot of dynamics to the political class. Macron wanted someone who comes from the left, but also appeals to conservative voters, adds Michel Rose. In morally liberal France, conservatives do not mind the private life of the new prime minister – his partner is Stéphane Séjourné, former advisor to President Macron, chairman of the Let’s Renew Europe faction in the European Parliament. The French president’s entourage says that Attal is expected to repeat the Macron effect of 2017. When the current president took office, he was 39 years old.

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