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Gabriela Olszowska is to become the new Małopolska education superintendent. “It had great reviews”

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Gabriela Olszowska, acting education superintendent of Lesser Poland, won the competition for this position. After Barbara Nowak, this is a symbolic change, but it is not only in Małopolska that new orders can be seen. Competitions were announced in all school boards and in a month and a half, as announced by the Minister of Education, the whole process should be completed. How will Polish schools change as a result?

Friendly and good – this is what the school should be like according to Gabriela Olszowska, who won the competition for the new education superintendent in Małopolska. – I’m very happy because she had great opinions, great reviews – says Barbara Nowacka, Minister of National Education from Inicjatywa Polska, about Olszowska’s victory in the competition.

For over three years, the names of young people who were victims of homophobia have been painted on the walls of the Małopolska Education Board. It was an expression of opposition to the previous, controversial curator – Barbara Nowak – who was accused of inciting hatred. Gabriela Olszowska has no intention of painting over these names. – And even if we leave this place, we must remember it. Therefore, I am thinking about some very lasting commemoration in the form of posters, in the form of a large painting. So that it would be a remorse for all those who did not react in time – emphasizes Gabriela Olszowska.

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The decision of the competition committee must still be approved by the Minister of Education. The change in Małopolska is just one element of the broad reform already taking place. Barbara Nowacka dismissed all education superintendents from the previous government. Acting officers were appointed in their place and competitions were announced. – We will complete the entire process of appointing curators permanently within 1.5 months – promises Nowacka. – Changing the image of the education superintendent is my basic task – emphasizes Wioletta Krzyżanowska, acting education superintendent in Masovia. – The school board is associated primarily with fear, with inspections, and it was a paralyzing fear – he adds.

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Time for changes

Attempts to change the law, known as lex Czarnek, also had an impact on the atmosphere in schools. They were intended to increase the powers of curators. The president did not agree to these changes.

Teachers were afraid to invite non-governmental organizations to school. Just as they were not sure whether they would be responsible for calling the student by the name the student chose. – It was me who made such a decision, but I was never entirely sure when and who would step in, as usual, to control and find that I was exceeding my powers – adds Katarzyna Felde, principal of the 4th Secondary School in Łódź.

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Now – according to the announcements – it will be different. Changes for the better are to be felt by both the student and the teacher. – We give him (the teacher – editor’s note) more autonomy and freedom and, above all, we do not prosecute them (teachers – editor’s note). We aim to make them feel free to learn, emphasizes Barbara Nowacka.

Because changes in education are not only about pay rises or slimming the core curriculum. It is also about making everyone feel good at a Polish school.

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