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Garwolin. He caused a collision and escaped. The police spotted him among the onlookers

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The driver of a passenger car caused a collision in Garwolin and abandoned the car. After a while, he returned to the scene to observe the police work. The police spotted him among the onlookers and became suspicious. It turned out that the 49-year-old was driving the car and that he had two per mille of alcohol in his body. The man lost his driving license.

According to the spokeswoman of the Garwolin police, Assistant Commissioner Małgorzata Pychner, the incident took place on Thursday. After 4 p.m., the police received a report that two vehicles had collided on Stacyjna Street.

He abandoned the car in a nearby housing estate

– On the spot, it turned out that the driver of the Jeep did not keep a safe distance from the Peugeot in front of him and hit its rear. The perpetrator fled the scene and abandoned the car in a nearby housing estate. While inspecting the vehicle, traffic police noticed a man who was discreetly but carefully observing their work. The police became suspicious that he might be related to the incident, the policewoman described.

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Their guesses turned out to be correct. The officers determined that the 49-year-old they spotted and detained caused the collision and later fled the scene. – The resident of Warsaw was visibly under the influence of alcohol. A sobriety test showed that he had two per mille of alcohol in his body. In addition, the vehicle he was driving was neither roadworthy nor insured, said Assistant Commissioner Pychner.

He explained that he drank alcohol after the incident

The 49-year-old was then taken to police custody. – The detained person tried to explain that he drank alcohol only after the incident. Based on the evidence collected, the police charged him with driving under the influence of alcohol. The man will also be charged with causing a threat to road safety. He’s already lost his driving license. He faces up to two years in prison, the policewoman concluded.

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