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Garwolin. The County Police Headquarters has a new dog – Prima

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The County Police Headquarters in Garwolin has a new four-legged officer. The Prima German Shepherd Dog will help you track criminals and find missing people. But for now he is with his tutor in training. The police revealed that the dog has a weakness for fresh raspberries and likes to play with a ball.

– The year and a half Prima has sharp eyes, alert ears. He loves to play with a ball. Its delicacy is fresh raspberries and flavors with cranberries – this is how Edyta Sułkowska, who is a police dog specialist in the Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom, describes the new addition to the Garwolin police.

First, six-month training

The new four-legged officer comes from a kennel in Zduńska Wola, who has been training dogs for 20 years. Many of them joined the ranks of the police and border guards.

Prima, together with his tutor Dariusz Domaszczyński from the County Police Headquarters in Garwolin, are just starting their studies at the Police Cynology Department in Sułkowice. It is the only training school in Poland where police pets are students.

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– The subject of the training is learning obedience, proper care, proper nutrition and tracking human traces, because Prima is a bitch intended for training in the tracking category – emphasizes Asp. Sułkowska.

After completing the five-month training, Prima will receive a certificate which is the basis for her service in the police. It will track missing persons and perpetrators of crimes.

Sułkowska emphasizes that a dog’s nose has amazing possibilities. – The muzzle, or nose of a German Shepherd Dog, has about 225 million olfactory cells. By comparison, man has about five million. The dog can therefore feel more and know more – the policewoman points out.

Dogs in the Masovian garrison

There are currently 37 quadrupeds serving the police in the Masovian garrison. Most – because seven – are in the Municipal Police Headquarters in Radom. Seven others also work in the forensic laboratory of the Mazovian police. They help determine if a fragrance sample is related to a given offender or case.

Police dogs are trained in several directions. Some specialize in tracking human traces – they help in finding missing persons or criminals. Others support policemen during patrols, convoys or securing mass events, e.g. matches. A separate group consists of dogs used to search for the smell of explosives, weapons and ammunition. Other quadrupeds can sense the presence of drugs. There are also dogs to search for human bodies on land or in water. In turn, the fighting dogs support counter-terrorist units.

Warsaw Police Headquarters commemorated six dogs that died as a result of a district heating failure:

Police officers commemorated six dogs that died as a result of a heating failureKSP

Main photo source: KPP Garwolin

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