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Garwolin. The scammer persuaded the 44-year-old to install the application, cleaned her bank account. “Savings disappeared in seconds”

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The inhabitant of Garwolin lost her savings from her bank account in a few moments. In addition, the fraudster, claiming to be a bank employee, took out a loan on her behalf. The man gained access to her data because he managed to persuade the victim to install a remote desktop application. The 44-year-old is convinced that she spoke to the person heard in the video shared a few days ago by the police.

A few days ago, policemen from Piaseczno published a recording of a conversation between a 26-year-old woman and a fraudster who tried to force her to install a phishing application – the so-called remote desktop. The caller claimed to be a bank employee and claimed that a suspicious transaction was detected on the client’s account. The woman did not allow herself to be deceived and reported the matter to the police.

After our article, the editorial office of Kontakt 24 was contacted by Ms Lidia, who had recently received a very similar phone call. As she reported, a man pretending to be a bank representative managed to persuade her to install the application. – I lost about 20,000 zlotys. Not only that, within a few minutes the bank granted the fraudster a loan to my account in the amount of PLN 20,000. I reported it to the bank, but the money has already been credited to the account and now I have 23,000 zlotys to pay off – she said.

Ms. Lidia claims that she spoke to the same man who is heard on the recording published by the police. – It’s the same person, same voice, same person. When I listened to it, I immediately felt sick. This man was so clever that I was fooled. It was 2 p.m., I was at work. I looked at the computer a bit, I was a little worried about what this man said – she said.

The woman noted that she had savings on her account. – I was saving for renovation. They were gone in seconds. As I think about it now, it was a carelessness on my part. I could ask him more questions, I could check the ID numbers he was giving me, but I don’t know anything about it, she admitted.

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Police: people from all over Poland report, they recognize the man’s voice from the recording

The officers from Garwolin dealt with the case of the fraud. They confirm that last Saturday, the notification from the injured 44-year-old girl was accepted. – The criminal informed that an attempt was made to transfer money from her bank account. He tricked the woman into installing an app to prevent unauthorized access to her account. Unfortunately, quite the opposite happened. The application allowed criminals to take complete control of the data and remotely manage the victim’s account – informs Małgorzata Pychner from the County Police Headquarters in Garwolin.

The police admit that currently all over Mazovia there are many reports of frauds related to phishing bank accounts. – In fact, it can be said that someone falls victim to such scammers every day and, importantly, there is no particularly vulnerable age group – it affects people of all ages, including educated ones – says Norbert Cibor from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl .

The search for the perpetrator or perpetrators is ongoing. – From the moment of publishing the recording, we have been approached by people from all over Poland who tell similar stories that there were also attempts to deceive them and recognize the man’s voice from the recording. You can inform us about such events, but if someone recognizes this man by his voice, knows him, is his friend or is from his environment, then if he wants to help catch the fraudster, let us know – appeals Jarosław Sawicki from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Piaseczno.

What is fraud with the “bank employee” method?

In this type of crime, it is easy to lose vigilance, because the perpetrators pretend to be the real phone number of the bank, given on the websites of the branches as a contact number.

– The callers introduce themselves as a bank employee who contacts in an important matter regarding the security of the account. The fraudster most often claims that the bank has detected a suspicious transaction on the account, and therefore asks for cooperation to prevent fraud. He often “asks” to check account movements, insidiously asking about the account balance and available funds – describes Pychner.

The next step is to insist that a technician or IT specialist scan the caller’s phone or computer for viruses. The fraudsters refer to the bank’s regulations and try to install an application that allows remote connection to the victim’s device. – They conduct the conversation in such a way that the person does not have time to think and carries out all the commands that the offender demands. In this way, the fraudster with the help of the aggrieved party performs operations on the account – underlines Pychner.

The application pointed to by the scammers is the so-called remote desktop. Thanks to it, they know everything that a given person does on a smartphone or computer. They can gain access to codes or passwords necessary to authorize transactions and manage a bank account.

The police advise never to disclose your bank account and login details. If during the conversation with the “consultant” an offer to install the application is made, it is probably a scam. – If a person claiming to be a bank employee requests that you verify your account details or install any software, disconnect and call your bank’s service office or go to it in person – emphasizes Pychner.

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