Garwolin. Theft of perfume, miscalculation and threat of imprisonment


District officers recognized and detained those suspected of stealing perfume from one of the drugstores in Garwolin. The 32-year-old and the 41-year-old were sure they would only be charged with a misdemeanor. However, they made a mistake in calculating the value of the goods and now face up to five years in prison.

A few days ago, an employee of one of the drugstores in Garwolin reported the theft of perfume worth over PLN 700. It was supposed to be done by two unknown men. The police secured the available surveillance and reviewed the recordings.

Stuck in the street

– During the service, the district officers noticed two men on one of the streets of the city. They reacted instantly because they recognized that they were the same people whose image was recorded by the camera during the perfume theft, informs the young asp. Małgorzata Pychner from the Garwolin police. – District officers detained a 32-year-old and a 41-year-old. They were convinced that their loot was perfume, the value of which did not exceed the limit qualifying the act as a misdemeanor. However, their calculations turned out to be wrong. In addition, during further activities, the criminals established that the men also committed two other perfume thefts. In total, the value of the stolen property amounted to over PLN 2.5 thousand.

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Up to PLN 500 fine, above prison

Article 119 § 1. Whoever steals or appropriates someone else’s movable property, if its value does not exceed PLN 500, shall be punishable by arrest, restriction of liberty or a fine.

The police charged the 32-year-old and the 41-year-old with three counts of theft. They face up to five years in prison.

Article 278 § 1. Whoever takes someone else’s movable property for appropriation shall be liable to imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years.

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