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Gas price 2024. New tariff for PGNiG gas. There is a decision of the Energy Regulatory Office

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The President of the Energy Regulatory Office approved a change in the tariff for the sale of gas to households and other customers of the PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny company – the Energy Regulatory Office announced in a press release. At the same time – as recalled – solutions freezing gas prices for individual customers are in force until mid-2024, which means that consumers will not notice any changes in their bills until then.

“The price of gas from PGNiG OD decreased by 8.54%, from PLN 318.14 to PLN 290.97/MWh,” the Energy Regulatory Office reported.

He added that “due to falling gas prices, the Regulator issued notices to adjust tariffs to 14 gas sellers.”

Frozen gas price

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At the same time – as reminded by the Energy Regulatory Office – “in the first half of 2024, protective solutions for natural gas consumers are still in force, which consist in applying the maximum gas price and distribution fee rates in the amount approved in the last tariff applicable in 2022.”

He also emphasized that “until June 30, 2024, the net price of gas for eligible customers (including household customers) has been frozen at PLN 200.17/MWh.”

“However, the extension of the price-freezing provisions does not mean that there is no need for the Regulator to conduct tariff proceedings. The tariffs approved by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office constitute the basis for calculating the amount of compensation due to energy enterprises.” – explained in the announcement.

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