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Gas shield. The Polish Chamber of Commerce calls for lower gas prices for all bakeries

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The Polish Chamber of Commerce appealed to the deputies of all parliamentary clubs not to reject the Senate’s amendments on expanding the group of recipients of the gas shield. The Chamber points out that without them, the functioning of small cooperative shops and thousands of jobs are at risk.

Last week, a group of senators proposed an amendment that provides the option to purchase gas at a reduced price (PLN 200.17 per MWh) to all bakeries and confectioneries. Without distinguishing them on the basis of the so-called the base code criterion and without applying the percentage criterion.

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The functioning of thousands of jobs is at stake

The Polish Chamber of Commerce spoke on this matter, expressing its “concern” due to the fact that the gas shield in the version adopted by the Sejm will not cover cooperative bakeries.

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“Thousands of cooperative stores in our country base their operations to a large extent on bakeries operating within the cooperative, producing bread both for them and for other entities. The increase in the prices of energy carriers, including gas, poses a huge threat to their further functioning and development” – it was written.

– From the point of view of the cooperative, it is critical to maintain the prices of bread available to the consumer – says Maciej Ptaszyński, vice-president of the Polish Chamber of Commerce.

In the opinion of Ptaszyński, maintaining such a state of affairs will be possible if appropriate gas prices for bakeries are ensured.

– The Polish Chamber of Commerce, as the broadest representation of retail trade in Poland, has been pointing out for many months that trade, and in this case also food production, absolutely must be treated as a sensitive and strategic segment of the economy and must be provided with economically safe operating conditions. This has both economic and social significance – said Ptaszyński.

Call for the Senate’s amendments to be upheld

Therefore, the Polish Chamber of Commerce calls for the adoption of an amendment to the Act on Enforcement Proceedings in Administration as regards the provisions governing the functioning of the gas shield, so that it also covers cooperative entities, for which baking and pastry production is not the dominant activity.

– We appeal to the deputies of all parliamentary clubs not to reject the Senate amendments introduced in this regard. It is about thousands of jobs in cooperatives throughout the country – says Maciej Ptaszyński.

– The increase in gas prices for bakeries will translate into another pro-inflationary impulse increasing the already unprecedented price increase – says Ryszard Jaśkowski, president of KRZSS Społem, quoted in the PIH communiqué. – The increase in gas prices will also make it more difficult for cooperative stores to compete with foreign discount stores – he adds.

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