Gaza Strip. 16 killed in attack on school that Israeli army says was Hamas base


At least 16 people were killed and 50 wounded in an Israeli military attack on a school in the Nusairat camp in the central Gaza Strip on Saturday, local medical authorities said. The school was a base of the terrorist Hamas, and we had taken measures to limit civilian casualties, the army said.

The school was used to shelter displaced families from other parts of the Gaza Strip, and the death toll could rise as many of the wounded are in critical condition, Hamas-controlled local authorities said, as quoted by Reuters. Nusairat was the target of increased Israeli bombing on Saturday, and another airstrike on a house killed at least 10 people.

Israeli military: Hamas fighters' operations center

The facility, run by the UN relief agency UNRWA, was used as a safe house and operations centre by Hamas militants, where terrorist activities against our forces in the Gaza Strip were planned and carried out, the Israeli military said. The army said that before the airstrike, “many steps” were taken to limit civilian casualties, using aerial surveillance and other intelligence sources. The military said Hamas regularly violates international law by systematically using civilian infrastructure and civilians as human shields for its terrorist activities against Israel.

According to Gaza authorities, five local journalists were killed in Saturday's airstrikes, bringing the number of journalists killed in Gaza during the ongoing war to 158.

Conflict in the Gaza Strip

Israeli troops entered the Gaza Strip after the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7, 2023, which killed nearly 1,200 people and took 251 hostages. 116 of them are still imprisoned in the Gaza Strip.

More than 38,000 Palestinians have died in the war, including at least 29 on Saturday, according to Hamas-controlled medical authorities, which do not distinguish between civilians and terrorists killed in the count.

According to the Israeli army, about one third of the victims on the Palestinian side were members of Hamas and other terrorist groups. As a result of the war Gaza Strip is facing a large-scale humanitarian crisis, and most of the population has become internally displaced.

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