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Gaza Strip. A huge explosion in a refugee camp. Media about hundreds of victims. Israeli military: we killed one of Hamas commanders

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In the city of Jabaliya in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, an explosion occurred in a refugee camp. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed that it was their attack against one of the Hamas leaders. Local authorities in the Gaza Strip report that “hundreds of people” were killed and injured as a result of the air attack. Reuters reports at least 50 dead and 150 injured.

Ministry of the Interior in Gaza, controlled by Hamas, said that 20 houses were “completely destroyed” in the attack.

According to witnesses, there are “hundreds” of dead and injured. Many people are still under the rubble, said the director of one of Gaza’s largest hospitals, Atef al-Kahlout. Another doctor, Mohammad al-Rann, described “a scene that no one can imagine” at the hospital – there are “hundreds of charred bodies” and “patients and injured people lying on the floors, beds, corridors and in the reception area.”

Spokesperson for the Defense Forces Israel (IDF) confirmed to CNN that it was an Israeli attack. The military attacked the place where one of the Hamas leaders was supposed to be staying.

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Israeli military: one of Hamas commanders killed

A few hours later, the press service of the Israeli army, quoted by the Jerusalem Post, reported that the Israel Defense Forces on Tuesday killed Ebrahim Biari, one of the Hamas commanders who masterminded the October 7 massacre.

Ebrahim Biari was killed in the city of Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip. Representatives of the Israeli military claim that apart from him, 50 other fighters were eliminated in this city, and Israeli troops took control of the “Hamas stronghold” there.

The fortress was used by Biari for training in preparation for terrorist operations. There was infrastructure and tunnels there that were used by fighters to move to the coastal zone. In the fighting in this area, Israeli forces killed many terrorists and destroyed tunnels, weapons and military equipment, it was reported.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Ebrahim Biari was responsible for Hamas’s military operations in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. He was involved in sending terrorists to attack the port of Ashdod in 2004, in which 13 Israelis were murdered, and was responsible for directing rocket fire on Israel for two decades.

The Al-Jazeera television website claims that Biari was hiding in a refugee camp, where an unknown number of civilians died as a result of the attack. One of the witnesses of the attack told a CNN reporter: “I was waiting in line to buy bread when suddenly and without prior warning seven to eight shells fell. There were (then – ed.) seven to eight huge holes in the ground, full of dead people, body parts “were lying everywhere.”

The Israeli army claimed responsibility for the attack on the refugee camp. Lt. Col. Richard Hecht of the Israel Defense Forces told CNN that the target of the raid was a Hamas commander who was “hiding, as they usually do, among civilians.” Hecht added that the deaths of civilians are a “tragedy of war.”

Main photo source: MOHAMMED SABER/EPA/PAP

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