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Gaza Strip. A newborn baby rescued from its dead mother's womb after an air raid has died. He died after five days

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A newborn baby saved a few days earlier from its deceased mother's womb has died, reports the BBC. A woman died as a result of Israeli bombing in Rafah, Gaza. After birth, the baby weighed less than one and a half kilograms.

Sabreen al-Sakani died on Thursday and was buried next to her mother, after whom she was named, the British public broadcaster's website reported on Friday morning. The mother of the newborn was one of the victims of an Israeli airstrike on Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on the border with Egypt, carried out just before midnight on Saturday. As a result of the bombing, two houses were damaged, including the house of the Sabreen family. According to the BBC, a seriously injured woman in the 30th week of pregnancy was taken to hospital, where she died. Doctors saved her baby by performing a cesarean section.

Sabreen in hospital in RafahReuters

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A baby saved from its mother's womb has died

Sabreen, weighing 1.4 kilograms, was placed in an incubator shortly after her cesarean section. Mohammed Salama, a doctor caring for the newborn, quoted by Reuters, said on Monday that: the child's condition is gradually improving. However, the newborn suffered from “serious breathing disorders”, which doctors said were the result of premature birth.

Apart from the girl and her mother, the father and sister of the newborn did not survive the attack. Sabreen's maternal grandmother told the BBC that the family planned to adopt her.

An Israeli army spokesman, asked about casualties in Rafah after Saturday's airstrike, said that Israel had struck various targets of Hamas terrorists, including military facilities and armed people. On Sunday, Israeli Army Chief of Staff General Herci Halewi announced plans for further military operations in the Gaza Strip. They are also establishing operations in the city of Rafah. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced at the beginning of April that The Israel Defense Forces will conduct an offensive in Rafah and the date has already been set.

– The situation of children in the Gaza Strip remains tragic and is getting worse with each passing day. That's over 800,000 children alone who were relocated south. Children are disproportionately affected by this war – Jan Bratkowski from UNICEF Polska said in an interview with “Fakty” TVN. A report by UN Women, one of the United Nations, published last week shows that approximately 10,000 women have been killed in the Gaza Strip over the last six months. Of these, more than half were mothers. As a result of their deaths, 19,000 minors were orphaned.

Children in the Gaza Strip PAP/EPA/MOHAMMED SABER

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Main photo source: Reuters

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