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Gaza Strip. Israeli attack on World Central Kitchen employees

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A journalistic investigation by the Israeli daily Haaretz in connection with the Israeli attack on World Central Kitchen employees in the Gaza Strip showed that Israeli soldiers decided to attack because they thought that there was an armed man in the truck that was supposed to be part of the convoy. The shooting occurred when WCK cars left the warehouse, although they left without a truck. “Haarec” also reports that WCK employees informed the appropriate people about the attack on the first car. Despite this, another shelling was carried out.

In the Gaza Strip seven workers died humanitarian organization World Central Kitchen. Among them was a Pole – Damian Soból.

According to the findings of the Israeli daily Haaretz, which cites anonymous sources in the security services, an Israeli army drone fired three rockets one after another towards a convoy of humanitarian aid from the World Central Kitchen organization. The aid convoy followed a route approved by the Israeli military. Attack Israel began because there were suspicions that an “armed member of Hamas” was traveling with the convoy, but he was not there.

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A convoy of assistance from World Central Kitchen set out on Monday evening to escort a food truck to a warehouse in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip. The cars were to have clear aid organization markings on the roof and sides. According to sources reached by “Haaretz”, an armed man in the truck was identified in the Israeli fighting room of the unit responsible for the security of the route along which the convoy was traveling and it was suspected that he was a terrorist.

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Destroyed World Central Kitchen carEPA/MOHAMMED SABER

Israeli media: WCK employees reported about the attack

Three passenger cars used by volunteers left the warehouse without the truck in which the allegedly armed man was traveling. According to defense sources contacted by “Haarec”, the man suspected by the military did not leave the warehouse. According to the daily, the decision to shoot at the convoy was made by the unit guarding the humanitarian aid transport route.

“Haarec” describes that, according to their information, after hitting the first car, some passengers left the vehicle and transferred to the second car. WCK employees continued driving and notified the appropriate people about the attack. Despite this, a few seconds later, after they had driven several hundred meters, the second car was hit by an Israeli missile.

Seven employees of the humanitarian organization WCK were killed Abdel Kareem Hana/Associated Press/East News

Volunteers managed to transfer the injured to a third vehicle. After they had traveled another few hundred meters, the third missile hit them. Everyone died.

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The attack is not the first incident where World Central Kitchen staff have been injured in Gaza. On Saturday, an IDF sniper shot at a car heading to a food warehouse in the Khan Yunus area. He hit the windshield of the car, but the volunteer inside was unharmed.

Humanitarian aid convoys often use armed security to prevent trucks from being looted by terrorists, looters or desperate civilians.

On Tuesday evening, the head of the Southern Command, Brigadier General Jaron Finkelman, will present the results of the preliminary investigation to the Chief of Staff, General Herci Hale, the Times of Israel reported. According to “Haaretz”, Israel is sending its diplomats to the countries where the foreign volunteers came from to present the local authorities with the preliminary findings of the investigation.

Attack on the World Central Kitchen convoy in the Gaza StripPAP/EPA – Mohammed Saber

Bellingat: The vehicles show signs of a precision strike

The Bellingcat website, which specializes in fact-checking and white intelligence, i.e. searching and verifying news based on open sources, presented an analysis of the attack in the Gaza Strip.

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According to the portal's findings, the destroyed WCK vehicles “bear the hallmarks of a precision strike that only the IDF (Israel Defense Forces – ed.) is capable of carrying out in the region.”

Bellingcat analyzed the location of the vehicles at the moment of impact, near the WCK headquarters on the outskirts of Deir al-Balah. The second vehicle attacked could be identified approximately 800 meters from the first car. The third car was identified approximately 1.6 km southwest of the first vehicle. Of the three vehicles identified, it appears that it was the third car that suffered the most damage.

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The portal also noted that at least one of the vehicles had a clear World Central Kitchen logo placed on the roof of the car. The photos show that the missile hit from above and it is likely that the markings were visible from above at the time of the attack, “although this depends on the capabilities of the optics used to track the vehicle.”

Main photo source: Abdel Kareem Hana/Associated Press/East News

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