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Gaza Strip. Joe Biden on his groundbreaking proposal. Israel agrees

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I need your help. All those who want peace must raise their voices. Make leaders understand that they should accept this agreement, he argued during a speech at the White House on Friday Joe Bidenpresenting a proposal to end the conflict in the Gaza Stripapproved by the Israeli authorities.

According to the American president, the government in Tel Aviv came up with an inclusive proposal three phaseswhich would lead to a complete end to the military operations ongoing since October.

Gaza Strip. Joe Biden on Israel's proposal

The first stage would consist of: complete ceasefire for a period of six months. At the time Israel would withdraw its army from civilian areas of the Gaza Strip and release most of the held Palestinian hostages and prisoners. Israel would also commit to sending humanitarian aid to war zones. Then the plan is to take action peace negotiations.

The second step of the process is to be final cessation of hostilities and the withdrawal of the Israeli army from all areas of the Gaza Strip.

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The third stage is primarily about the process reconstruction war-ravaged territory Palestine. Joe Biden declared that United States will join in this help.

Gaza Strip. The US will help Palestine

The American president assured that the proposal came from the Israeli government and was largely the result of the involvement of US diplomacy. Proposal, via Qataris to be submitted to the leaders Hamasu.

– Hamas at this point he is no longer capable of repeating October 7 – said Joe Biden, suggesting that the organization's forces have been greatly reduced in recent months.

The leader expressed his awareness that reaching an agreement and compromise would not be easy and would require intense involvement of both conflicting parties. He also admitted that not all members of the Israeli government support the proposal. Biden also assured that it is necessary to completely demilitarize Hamas, which must be the result of cooperation between Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Gaza Strip. Netanyahu sets conditions for the agreement

The Prime Minister of Israel has already responded to the proposal to end the conflict in the Gaza Strip, Benjamin Netanyahu. The office of the head of government confirmed that Israel agreed to implement a three-phase plan.

“The Government of Israel shares the desire to release our hostages as quickly as possible and we are working to achieve this goal… However, the war will not end until all its goals are achievedincluding the return to the country of held hostages and the complete destruction of Hamas's military and organizational capabilities,” the statement said.

Additionally, it was reported that the United States had sent an invitation to the Israeli Prime Minister delivering a speech in Congress.

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