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Gaza Strip. “WSJ”: The US gave Israel bombs to destroy bunkers. Macron warns of a “ten-year” war

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The weapons transferred to Israel are intended to facilitate the removal of the terrorist Hamas from the Gaza Strip, the Wall Street Journal reported. French President Emmanuel Macron, in turn, warned that the goal of “the complete destruction of Hamas” must be “clarified” or it could trigger a “ten-year” war.

As the American Wall Street Journal wrote, Washington gave Israel 100 BLU-109 bombs, which are able to penetrate specially reinforced anti-bomb structures. The bombs could be used to penetrate and destroy underground tunnels. Hamas, which built them for itself, claimed publicly that in total they were about 500 kilometers long.

The result of the conflict between Israel and HamasMOHAMMED SALEM / Reuters / Forum

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The United States, while supporting Israel’s actions, also calls on it to try to limit civilian victims of the conflict.

Macron warns of a “ten-year” war

President of France Emmanuel Macron In turn, he warned Israel on Saturday that the goal of “completely destroying Hamas”, the Palestinian Islamist movement in Gaza, must be “clarified” or it would risk triggering a “ten-year” war.

– What does the “total destruction of Hamas” mean? – asked the French president during a press conference organized during the COP28 climate conference held in Dubai. – Does anyone think it’s possible? If so, the war will last ten years, he added.

Emmanuel Macron PAP/EPA/ALI HAIDER

President France stated that “the situation requires us to redouble our efforts to achieve a lasting ceasefire.” Macron also listed as essential goals “the release of all hostages held by Hamas, providing the people of Gaza with the assistance they urgently need, and providing Israel with guarantees that its security has been restored.”

Gaza StripPAP – Ziemienowicz Adam, Maciej Zieliński

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/ATEF SAFADI

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