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Gazeta Wyborcza. Police in the apartment of journalist Piotr Bakselerowicz. Business laptop and phone were confiscated

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On Saturday, the police entered the apartment of the journalist of “Gazeta Wyborcza” in Zielona Góra, Piotr Bakselerowicz. The officers took his official laptop and phone from him. The devices store information covered by journalistic confidentiality. The police say that the intervention is related to criminal threats that were to be sent “from this IP address” against one of the Law and Justice MPs. – I certainly did not send such an e-mail. I’ve never threatened anyone. For me, it is a provocation or a revenge for writing uncomfortable articles – assessed Bakselerowicz.

According to “Gazeta Wyborcza”, on Saturday before At 10, four plain policemen from the Zielona Góra headquarters entered the apartment of the journalist “GW” Piotr Bakselerowicz. They demanded the release of all electronic media, including a business phone and a laptop with journalistic secrets. The officers spent almost four hours in the journalist’s apartment. As reported by “GW”, some of them had weapons and handcuffs, although they behaved “calmly”.


Piotr Bakselerowicz: I have never threatened anyone

“Showing their ID cards, they demanded the laptop. They explained that from this IP address threats were sent to the PiS politician. They had no warrant. Unofficially, we know that it is an e-mail that Jerzy Materna, a PiS MP from Zielona Góra, received” – said Mikołaj Chrzan, deputy editor-in-chief and head of the local editorial office of “GW” in an interview with the Onet portal. He noted that the policemen who were on the spot said they had been commissioned by the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

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– I certainly did not send such an e-mail. I’ve never threatened anyone. For me it is a provocation or a revenge for writing uncomfortable articles – said Bakselerowicz, quoted by “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

“Absurd” allegations

Chrzan stressed that the accusations of threats against a PiS politician were “absurd”. “Our journalist did not threaten anyone,” he argued.

– The address given by the police is absurd, from a post office that he (Bakselerowicz – ed.) Never had and never used. Despite the warning that this is journalistic equipment, the police take it. Our lawyers believe that it is scandalous – said the editor-in-chief of “Gazeta Wyborcza” in Zielona Góra Artur Łukasiewicz.

PiS MP: I was shocked

When asked about the case, PiS politician Jerzy Materna told Onet that he had received an email with threats in recent days. As he said, the news contained the announcement of the murder.

– I was shocked, for the first time in my life I faced such strong threats. I reported it to the marshal, and she reported it to the police. Yesterday I was interviewed. I do not want any protection, but I must admit that for the first hour I was shocked – he admitted.

Jerzy MaternaTytus Żmijewski / PAP

The deputy head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration and the police are commenting

Maciej Wąsik, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration, commented on the matter on Twitter. “The police secure the device on the basis of the established IP address from which criminal threats against the deputies were sent,” he wrote.

The Warsaw police also referred to the matter on Twitter. “Unfortunately, in recent years the number of threats to kill politicians has increased. The first steps on the part of the police are to establish the IP address of the computer. It was no different in this case” – wrote on the official profile of the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

“The IP belongs to an address outside the Warsaw garrison, where local officers perform activities. Hence the legal assistance directed to the local unit” – we read in the tweet.

As police said, “it is not possible to quit just because someone is a journalist, since serious threats could have been made from this address.”

Why were the police waiting?

– We learned from the policemen that these e-mails were supposed to be sent a few days ago. Why did the policemen in Warsaw wait until Saturday, and at that time they did not get a warrant from the prosecutor, but waited for a day off from work, where this police ID rule can work? – Maja Sałwacka, a journalist from the Zielona Góra editorial office of “Gazeta Wyborcza”, wondered in an interview with TVN24.

Journalist from “GW” Maja Sałwacka about the police intervention in Piotr Bakselerowicz’s apartmentTVN24

Gazeta Wyborcza, TVN24, Onet, PAP

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