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Gdańsk. A Biedronka security guard locked an elderly woman in a garbage shelter

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A security guard at one of the supermarkets in Gdańsk locked an elderly woman who was looking for food there in a garbage shed. The network apologized for the behavior of the security guard. The case was described by the website trojmiasto.pl.

The incident took place on January 4 at the back of the Biedronka supermarket, at Piecewska Street in Gdańsk.

An elderly woman was looking for food in the store’s garbage canopy. According to a local portal, the 79-year-old was noticed on surveillance by a security guard who locked her in the shelter. A woman passing by noticed the shaking senior citizen.

– A moment earlier, this old lady bought two rolls in the store. As she told me, it was all she could afford. After shopping, she went to the garbage bin next to the store, where expired food is thrown away. She found potatoes there that she wanted to take with her, said Mrs. Lucyna, who helped the woman, in an interview with trojmiasto.pl.

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The senior citizen was freed, and Mrs. Lucyna intervened with the store manager. According to her account, the security guard eventually apologized to the elderly woman.

The network apologized for the security guard’s behavior

After the article is published representatives of the Biedronka chain sent a statement to the website tromiasto.pl.

“First of all, we would like to apologize to the lady involved in this situation. Such behavior of an employee of an external security agency is unacceptable. Therefore, he was removed from any work for our company,” we read in the statement.

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The statement went on to explain why food should not be taken from garbage bins and it was assured that the chain would return unsold food to appropriate institutions. But only the one fit for consumption.

“We generally transfer wholesome, but unsold food within the expiry date to interested Public Benefit Organizations, which then use it, e.g. in eateries for people in need,” Biedronka’s letter quotes trojmiasto.pl.

No police report was filed

The Gdańsk police admitted that they had not received any notification about this, but they knew that such an incident had occurred.

– On the same day, we sent a district police officer to the site, we assessed the situation, but we did not receive any notification – Mariusz Chrzanowski from the Gdańsk police headquarters told tvn24.pl on Sunday.

We also tried to contact the press office of the supermarket chain. With no effect.

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