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Gdansk. A little boy on a cross-country bike was going straight to the tram. A cautionary recording

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The tragedy could have happened in the center of Gdańsk. A few-year-old boy on a cross-country bike was going straight to the tram. At the last moment, a man caught the child.

The recording from the intersection of al. Hallera and Płażyńskiego was published by the internet channel “Stop Cham na Droga”. The event was supposed to take place on September 29 after 16.

On the video from a webcam installed in a car with a red light, you can see people walking through the passage. A little boy is also riding them on a cross-country bike. He does not see that a tram is turning towards him from the left.

However, adults notice the threat – a woman and a man. It is he who captures the boy at the last moment and prevents the tragedy. The tram driver saw the boy too, he stopped the vehicle just outside the intersection.


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We present the recording as a warning. You should always remember about the safety of your children on the road, keep an eye on them and teach them safety rules at an early age.

The police are analyzing the video

After the film appeared in the media, the police took up the matter.

– The policemen secured a recording that appeared on news portals. The secured material was transferred to the Department of Crimes and Offenses in Road Traffic of the Gdańsk city headquarters. Officers are working on this case and check the circumstances of the incident in detail – Mariusz Chrzanowski from the press office of the City Police Headquarters in Gdańsk told Tromiasto.pl.

Main photo source: Alloy Cham

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