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Gdansk. A red panda has escaped from its enclosure at the zoo. Firefighters were involved

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A male red panda from the Gdańsk Zoological Garden made its second escape attempt this year. He escaped from his paddock and climbed a nearby tree. A fire truck had to help in the rescue operation.

An unusual event in the Gdańsk Zoological Garden, for which firefighters had to be involved, took place on Saturday, June 17. During the morning rounds, the animal keeper noticed that there was only a female, Maja, in the red panda enclosure. A 7-year-old male named Ponzu was missing.

As a result of an immediate search operation, the fugitive was located in the crown of a nearby tall tree. The fire department was called to help.

The press officer of the Gdańsk fire brigade, Brig. Jacek Jakóbczyk informed that in the action of removing the panda from the tree, a lift and high-rise equipment were used to secure it.

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– A male red panda named Ponzu decided to explore the surrounding trees. Fortunately, thanks to the quick reaction and efficient action, everything ended well – employees of the Gdańsk Zoo wrote on social media.

Gdańsk Zoological Garden FB

– Pandas are great climbers, and their thick claws make it easier for them, so the whole action had to take place with appropriate safety measures. Caretakers equipped with a suitable net were waiting at the bottom, and our veterinarian drove into the treetops – they emphasized.

They also reported that all security measures at the red panda enclosure worked properly and it is not known how the animal bypassed the “electronic shepherd”.

This is Ponzu’s second escape

This is not the first escape of a male red panda. On the night of February 17/18, the animal got out through the fence of the paddock, onto which tree branches fell during a strong storm. The predator was spotted by a cyclist outside the zoo grounds and captured by garden staff.

Izabela Krause, Deputy Director of the Zoo for Breeding, asked in March whether there had been escapes of animals in the Gdańsk zoo, replied that they had not occurred in recent years. However, garden employees undergo systematic training in case such incidents should occur.

They resemble raccoons or cats

The red panda was discovered by biologists 50 years before the giant panda, in 1825. It is much smaller than her. Adult individuals weigh up to 5 kg.

Red pandas are not a dangerous species. They look a bit like raccoons or cats. They have rusty or rusty brown fur. Their snouts, cheeks and the tips of their ears are white. Darker rings are visible on the tails. Their tips are downy and dark, while the paws and belly are darker than the rest of the body.

These animals live in the southern areas Chinanorth-eastern IndiaNepal and Northern Myanmar. They inhabit hollows or burrows in tree roots on steep rocky slopes. They are nocturnal and omnivorous, but mainly feed on plants.

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