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Gdansk. Dead seals on the beach, about 20 counted

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Dead seals are found on the beach in Gdańsk (Pomeranian Voivodeship). As the WWF representative explains, this is a phenomenon that occurs quite often at the turn of May and June. Currently, about 20 dead animals have been counted. It is possible that this number will increase slightly. We received the first information on Kontakt 24.

We were contacted by Mr. Jacek, who on Monday (June 12) noticed a dead seal on the beach in Gdańsk. passed on Contact 24that, in his opinion, more animals of this species have died recently.

As he explained, dead seals were spotted near the beach in Gdańsk in Stogi. – A few days ago, when I was going to the beach, I found out from a resident of Gdańsk that a dead animal had recently been fished there, after reaching the place I did not have to wait long for another dead seal to swim to the beach, which I took a photo of – he reported.

Dead seal on the beach in Gdanskjacek_dance/Kontakt24

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Dead seals on the beach in Gdansk

We contacted Aleksandra Botur, the acting coordinator of the WWF Blue Patrol, regarding this matter. We asked if they had actually recorded an increased number of dead seals.

– From the end of May through June we have reports of dead seals. Throughout the year, this is a more frequent phenomenon, but compared to the two or three previous years, this number remains at a similar level. We currently count about 20 dead seals. This number will probably increase to just over 30. In June, there are usually more of them, but it does not look like it will be much more, explained Botur.

She also emphasized that the Baltic population of gray seals has been gradually recovering in recent years. “Naturally, this is accompanied by an increased amount of observation and interaction with people. We see more of these animals than 10 years ago. Mostly alive, for example, resting on the beach, but also sometimes dead. Increased human presence and movement during the holiday season certainly increases number of contacts on the human-seal line” – she said.

Where to report such cases?

Whenever possible, the bodies of dead animals are transported to the Hel Marine Station for autopsy. “Deaths usually result from natural causes such as age or disease. In addition, seals also die due to accidental by-catch in the net. In addition, it happens that animals encountered on the beach are entangled in various types of plastic elements that prevent them from moving or hunting efficiently – informed Alexandra Botur.

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It is best to immediately report each sighting of a seal by phone to the Blue Patrol WWF 795 536 009 or to the St. Professor Krzysztof Skóra on the phone number 601 889 940.

Main photo source: jacek_dance/Kontakt24

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