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Gdansk Firoga. He escorted his guardians to the train, then “ran home”. Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway about a cat that did not travel by rail

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Employees of the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway station noticed a cat walking its household members to the Gdańsk Firoga platform. As it turns out, the pet does this on a regular basis.

On the platform of PKM Gdańsk Firoga, a few minutes before the arrival of the train to Kościerzyna, station employees noticed a ginger cat. As they described, he followed the mother and child who came to board the train.

The Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway shared the story of an unusual cat on its profile.  Employees of the PKM station noticed him walking the household to the platform.  As it turns out, the pet does this on a regular basis.

The ginger tomcat drew the attention of PKMka employees. He is to regularly accompany his owners to the trainPomeranian Metropolitan Railway

The story of the pet, told by its owners, seemed so peculiar to them that they decided to share it on social media.

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“Do you remember the story from school ‘About a dog who traveled by train’? Well, today we met a cat at the PKM Gdańsk Firoga stop, which does not travel by train, but … escorts its owners to the train” – they reported.

He returned home when the train left

The owner of the cat explained that it was Rysiek, her four-legged friend who follows them everywhere, and this time he escorted them to the platform. She assured that this was not the first time and as soon as they got on the train, the cat would go to a house near the station.

“And indeed, as soon as the train entered the platform, the cat retreated to a nearby bench. He sat by it politely watching the departing train with ‘his people’, then ran home,” we read on the profile of the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway.

Under the post, there were numerous comments from Internet users delighted with the tomcat. However, there were also voices concerned about animals that wander the streets alone.

Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway, tvn24.pl

Main photo source: Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway

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