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Gdansk. He broke into the city hall building. When he saw the policemen, he pretended to clean up

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A 46-year-old Russian man broke into the Oruń City Hall on the night of Friday and Saturday. When the police arrived at the building, he put on his gloves, grabbed a mop, and began cleaning. These props, however, did not confuse the officers who detained the man.

Police officers from the police station in Gdańsk-Orunia received a report about a break-in to the Town Hall on Friday night to Saturday. Officers who went to the spot learned from the security staff that the perpetrator is most likely still in the building.

“They went inside and started a thorough check of all the rooms. There was no one in the basement and on the ground floor, and the only trace of a break-in was a broken window – reports the press officer of the Gdańsk police, Asp. pcs. Mariusz Chrzanowski.

When they went upstairs, they found a man who tried to convince them that he was cleaning the building. The perpetrator was wearing gloves and a mop in his hands. These props didn’t help, and in no time he was sitting in a police car.

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– The man was detained, and policemen from the investigation and investigation group and a police technician arrived at the scene, who carried out an inspection, secured traces and made photographic documentation. The police also received a notification from the victim, who estimated the loss at PLN 8,000 – explains Chrzanowski.

He didn’t steal anything, but he’ll be charged with burglary

Although a 46-year-old citizen Russia did not manage to steal anything, he will be charged with attempted theft with burglary, destruction of property and insulting the intervening officers.

He faces ten years in prison for attempted burglary, five years for destruction of property, and one year for insulting an officer.

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