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Gdansk. He crept into the attic and killed the owner of the house with a knife. In court he cried and apologized. “It’s all vodka did”

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A 48-year-old Moldovan citizen was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a man. In court, he apologized to the victim’s family, explaining that he did not want to kill. During his short stay in Poland, he committed more crimes. He also sexually assaulted a teenager and robbed a woman.

On Friday, a 48-year-old Moldovan citizen was sentenced to the Court of Appeals in Gdańsk. He had no doubts about his guilt and upheld the lower judgment.

At the end of December 2020, the District Court in Gdańsk sentenced the man to life imprisonment, with the proviso that he would be able to apply for conditional early release not earlier than after serving 30 years of the sentence. The court also adjudged an interest in favor of the victim’s relatives in the total amount of PLN 120,000.

48-year-old sentenced to life imprisonment PAP / Adam Warżawa

Homicide, sexual assault and robbery

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The Moldovan man, convicted on Friday, has a long, criminal past behind him. In his homeland, he served 23 years in prison for violent crimes, including murder, but under Polish law, a citizen of Moldova, as a country outside the European Union, was, however, an unpunished person.


In Poland, where Gheorghi N. came to work, he stayed only a dozen or so days until the day of the murder. He worked in a butcher’s shop in Pelplin, from where, according to the prosecutor’s office, he took a knife to commit the murder.

The crime took place on January 20, 2019 in the town of Rożental near Pelplin. Gheorghi N. entered the victim’s house. The door was unlocked. He left his shoes in the hall and went up the stairs to the attic, where he was surprised by the 57-year-old owner of the house.

The attacker attacked the victim, inflicting 11 blows with a knife. The noise was heard by the victim’s partner. She noticed a man running away and a 57-year-old boy falling down the stairs. The perpetrator fled. The doctors called to the rescue from the ambulance resuscitated the victim, but it turned out to be ineffective.

The Moldovan man also robbed another house in the area the night before the murder. He likewise took advantage of the occupants’ carelessness and entered through the unlocked door. He stole shoes and sports equipment worth PLN 680.

That same night, he forcibly drove a 17-year-old girl to undergo another sexual activity. The next evening, Gheorghi N. robbed a 46-year-old woman who went out for a run, taking her phone with earphones.

The court upheld the sentence

Grzegorz Buchholz, defender of the defendant, appealed against the judgment of the lower instance court, who, in the case of the main charge of homicide, requested that the criminal qualification be changed from direct to possible intent, or for consideration that the foreigner acted in self-defense.

During the Friday hearing, prosecutor Jarosław Michalak and the victim’s son requested that the lower court’s judgment be upheld. – If the accused had asked for bread or food, he would have received it. My father even fed the stray dogs. He would never have refused bread to a hungry one, said the victim’s son and the auxiliary prosecutor.

In the last word, the defendant asked for a lighter sentence. – I want to apologize to Mr. and Mrs. M. Please consider that I did not go there to kill someone. I wanted to go get food. I am very, very sorry. I just wanted to steal something and go home. I didn’t want to hurt anyone. That’s all vodka did – cried in front of the court Gheorghi N.

The court sentenced a 48-year-old citizen of Moldova to life imprisonmentPAP / Adam Warżawa

However, the judges upheld the judgment of the district court. They made only cosmetic changes to the earlier ruling – recognizing, inter alia, that Gheorghi N. used one knife during the murder, not two (the other was found after the murderer’s escape). This doubt was found in favor of the accused, but was irrelevant in the judgment.

“Crushing opinion”

At the same time, on the basis of an earlier opinion of the martial arts expert, Arkadiusz Kups, the court indicated that the Moldavian was fluent in melee weapons. – There is no self-defense here. The aggrieved party was at home and this is the main thing that ends the discussion on this subject – emphasized judge Andrzej Rydzewski in the justification.

The court also added in the justification that the accused did not have any hope of rehabilitation. Judge Rydzewski said that unit penalties and total penalty are balanced. – The forensic psychological opinion is crushing. Crushing in the sense that the accused does not draw any literal conclusions from his life so far. Since he does not draw conclusions and commits such and not other acts, i.e. ending in the death of other people, there is no reason not to effectively eliminate the accused from society, because society must be free from such individuals so that people are not endangered – he emphasized judge Rydzewski.

The victim’s son, Dawid Malinowski, said after the sentence that it was difficult to describe his feelings. – Personally, I think there should be the death penalty for people like him. There is no chance of any rehabilitation and it should be utilized. Unfortunately, the criminal code does not provide for such a penalty – said Dawid Malinowski after leaving the room.

Main photo source: PAP / Adam Warżawa

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