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Gdansk. He found over PLN 100,000 in cash. Got found

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A 44-year-old man from Gdańsk found a sachet containing a large sum of money and took it to the police station. It turned out that the officers knew the history, because the unlucky owner of the lost cash had already contacted them. The honesty of the citizen of Gdańsk was rewarded not only with thanks, but also with 10% of the founders.

On Friday, a devastated man came to police at the police station on Oruni, claiming he had lost a sachet stuffed with high-denomination notes. In total, it was supposed to contain over PLN 100,000. – The applicant described in detail the circumstances of the loss of cash and indicated the place where it occurred. The case was taken up by criminals who checked the monitoring and talked with people who might have information about the incident – says staff assistant Mariusz Chrzanowski from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Gdańsk.

The unlucky man also tried to look for loss on his own. On one of the Tri-City portals he posted an advertisement in which he wrote: “At Jaworzniaków Street I lost a sachet with a large 100,000 PLN in cash. I run a company and this cash was intended for the purchase of medical equipment, I fell out of the car together with a carton of drips. I reported the matter. to the police but I still hope that someone here can help find the lost item. Anyone who might know something about this, please contact us. “

Thanks and found. But if he had not returned, he would have been punished

For two days it was not known what happened to the money. It was only on Sunday that a 44-year-old resident of Gdańsk came to the same police station in Orunia, who brought a lost sachet, which, as it turned out, contained over PLN 120,000. – The honest finder described to the policemen the circumstances and the place where he found her. The money has been counted and secured. On the same day, the policemen handed them over to the owner – describes Asp. staff. Chrzanowski.

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The honest 44-year-old received from the owner not only a thank you, but also a 10 percent find.


The officers remind that for honest finders there is a “carrot” in the form of a finder, lawmakers have prepared a “stick” for dishonest finders.

– We remind you that if you find someone’s belongings, give them to the owner, hand them over to the lost property office or the police. In the event of failure to return found items that appropriated them, there is a risk of a fine or even a penalty of 3 years in prison – reminds Asp. staff. Chrzanowski.

Main photo source: KWP Lublin

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