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Gdańsk. He stole alcohol from one of the hostels. The drunk fell asleep on the bench

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30 bottles of various alcohols and women's clothes were stolen by a 42-year-old man who broke into one of the hostels in Gdańsk. The man fell because he left a trail of broken bottles behind him. The police found him sleeping on one of the benches. As it turned out, this was not his first theft.

The incident took place in one of the hostels in Gdańsk. On Wednesday morning, a man broke into the building through the basement, causing considerable damage. Among other things, he destroyed the air conditioner that blocked the entrance.

In the hostel, he focused mainly on drinks. He packed 30 bottles of various colored alcohols. He also became interested in women's clothes, which he packed together with alcohol in a bag and ran away.

The police carried out an inspection, checked CCTV footage and interviewed people who might have useful information. The technician secured the traces and prepared photographic documentation. Thanks to the information obtained, the officers reconstructed the perpetrator's escape route. Following the trail of broken alcohol bottles, they reached a bench where the burglar was taking a nap.

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Several of the stolen bottles were unopenedKWP Gdańsk

– There was a bag with wheels next to the bench, filled to the brim with bottles of various alcohols and power tools. Several bottles were half-open, and a bottle of alcohol was lying next to the man sleeping on the bench. A 42-year-old resident of Sierakowice was detained and taken into police custody. During the arrest, he had more than the legal limit of alcohol in his body – said Asp. staff. Mariusz Chrzanowski, press officer of the Municipal Police Commander in Gdańsk.

He had previously robbed the same hostel

As it turned out, the police had been looking for the 42-year-old for several days, they knew his identity and what he looked like, but detaining him was difficult because the man did not have a permanent place of residence and often changes addresses.

The man had been wanted for several daysKWP Gdańsk

– Thanks to the collected evidence, the 42-year-old will be charged not only for the burglary he committed on Wednesday, but also for the one on May 16. Then a man from the same hostel stole a pressure washer, a gas bottle, empty beer barrels and salt shakers. It also turned out that the perpetrator was a former hostel cook who was recognized thanks to surveillance, despite the fact that he was wearing a stocking during the burglary – said Chrzanowski. The injured party estimated the losses at over PLN 20,000. zloty. Most of the stolen items were recovered. The perpetrator will most likely be charged on Thursday. Burglary is punishable by up to 10 years in prison

Main photo source: KWP Gdańsk

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