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Gdansk. It has been in the marina for several years and is deteriorating. The renovation was valued at over PLN 300,000

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Those willing to buy a dozen-year-old Ocean Aleksander yacht, which has been moored in the Gdańsk marina for nine years, may submit offers to the Gdańsk Sports Center only until Tuesday. To become its owner, you will have to pay over PLN 60,000. Interestingly, the renovation of the yacht itself can cost up to six times this sum.

The motor yacht “Claudia” has been moored at the Sienna Grobla marina in Gdańsk for 9 years in 2014. As we read in the documentation published by the client, Gdańskie Centrum Sportu, he was abandoned without care.

“The shipowner has not contacted the marina operator regarding the yacht since then. The marina operator kept the yacht under the care of the boatswain, which led to a debt for unpaid parking fees. The yacht was valued to determine its current market value” – explains the Gdańskie Centrum Sportu .

It sailed under the Polish flag

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This particular unit is the Ocean Alexander 54 model. The hull is 16.45 m long, 4.57 m wide, and the draft is about 1.45 m. However, the abandoned yacht does not have registration numbers. However, it has shreds of the Polish flag on the mast.

The Gdańsk Sports Center has put up an abandoned unit for saleGdańsk Sports Centre

“The name of the vessel does not appear in the register of PZŻ, PRS yachts and in the PRS register of ships. It was probably not registered in Poland. The shipping documents were not found during the inspection of the ship” – informs the Gdańsk Sports Center.

The neglected state of the yacht

The yacht is still decaying without care. The Gdańsk Sports Center informs that the decks and sides are heavily soiled and covered with moss. “The wooden elements are damaged by the weather conditions. The resulting leaks led to flooding the interior with precipitation. Today the yacht is neglected and partially destroyed” – we read in the document.

The Gdańsk Sports Center has put up an abandoned unit for saleGdańsk Sports Centre

The works and deliveries of the necessary parts were valued at exactly PLN 349,541.

Yacht price comparison

Yachts of the same model, but with different equipment, are available on the foreign market at prices from 90 to 340 thousand dollars. A similar ship model was not found on the domestic market. For comparison, a unit at a price of 96 thousand dollars was taken Greecewhich after conversion into PLN gave the amount of PLN 412,800.

The Gdańsk Sports Center has put up an abandoned unit for saleGdańsk Sports Centre

Decreasing the cost of a functional yacht by the cost of renovation, the amount of the current value of the unit was obtained, which is PLN 63,258. The offer should be submitted by March 28 to the Gdańskie Centrum Sportu by 9 o’clock. The condition is, however, the earlier payment of a deposit in the amount of 10 percent of the price.

Main photo source: Gdańsk Sports Centre

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