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Gdańsk. Jarosław Wałęsa's office doused with butyric acid. The MP suspects that it is the farmers' fault

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Across Poland, protesting farmers visited MPs' offices on Thursday and handed them, among other things, bales of hay, yellow cards or buckets of manure. In Gdańsk, a group of men poured butyric acid on and devastated the door to the office of Civic Coalition MP Jarosław Wałęsa. The parliamentarian is convinced that it was the protesters' doing. The farmers' union denies this and considers this one incident a provocation.

The incident occurred on Thursday after 10. As MP Jarosław Wałęsa wrote, a group of men came to his parliamentary office and poured butyric acid on it from the outside. The substance also got inside the office. A bucket of manure was also left under the door. The MP was not inside, he was on his way to Warsaw for a meeting of the Sejm committee.

Wałęsa's office was doused with butyric acidJarosław Wałęsa's Twitter

– Initially, we did not know that the door had been treated with corrosive acid, we thought it was just agricultural waste – said Wałęsa.

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One of Wałęsa's office employees was in the office at the time.

– No one rang the doorbell, no one offered even a simple conversation – it was deliberate destruction. Such behavior is no longer an expression of one's views, but simple hooliganism – said the politician.

The police were called to the scene and secured the surveillance footage. According to Wałęsa, witnesses to the incident are still being sought.

Due to the incident, Jarosław Wałęsa's parliamentary office will be closed until further notice.

– There is a persistent, unpleasant and irritating smell inside, which will be very difficult to neutralize – he explained.

Jarosław Wałęsa's parliamentary office is located in an old 17th-century tenement house. The door destroyed by farmers is registered as a monument. According to the politician, their replacement or repair may cost up to several dozen thousand zlotys.

“It's a provocation”

Jarosław Wałęsa associates this incident with the nationwide farmers' protest, which was announced before Christmas by Marcin Wroński from the Agricultural Trade Union “Samoobrona”.

– I don't believe they were farmers. I believe that this is a provocation aimed at destroying the image of farmers and turning them into hooligans. According to research, agricultural protests have strong public support. This incident was certainly intended to lower this support. The farmers' action was intended to establish contact with MPs, present their demands and exert pressure, not to devastate property – Wroński assures us.

He emphasizes that the farmers taking part in the campaign wore reflective vests when visiting the offices.

– I don't see anyone wearing one in the surveillance photo – he adds.

Unusual gifts for those in power

On Thursday, farmers visited the offices of other parliamentarians and senators from Gdańsk. They welcomed, among others: with Magdalena Adamowicz, Magdalena Sroka and Ryszard Świlski.

In other regions of Poland, farmers came to politicians with “gifts”. They left a sheaf of hay in front of the PiS office in Suwałki and handed buckets of manure and yellow warning cards to other government officials. They announce that if parliamentarians avoid them, yellow cards will turn into red ones.

In this way, farmers express their disapproval of the European Green Deal and the import of grain from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

Main photo source: Jarosław Wałęsa's Twitter

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