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Gdansk. “Krystek” was released. He ended up serving a sentence for rape, and the court refused to extend his detention

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Krystian W., known as the “teenager hunter”, ended on Sunday (November 21) from three years in prison for the rape of a 17-year-old girl and was released on the same day. However, a case is still pending, in which he was charged with more than 65 crimes, including 40 related to sexual acts. The court, despite requests from the prosecutor’s office, did not agree to extend “Krystek “‘s detention.

44-year-old Krystian W., called “Krystek” or “teenager hunter”, finished on Sunday, November 21, a three-year sentence for the rape of a 17-year-old girl – he heard this sentence in 2018. As confirmed by the man’s lawyer, Piotr Pawlak, “Krystek” ended his sentence at 9.30 am on Sunday and was released.


They wanted to extend their detention, the court did not agree

“Krystek” is still accused of numerous sexual crimes – investigators found 33 women who were injured. That is why the prosecutor’s office wanted to extend the detention of Krystian W. The court, however, did not accede to the request.

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– The court did not accept this request, pointing out that a significant part of the evidentiary proceedings had already been carried out, most of the witnesses had been questioned, the court read and reconstructed the testimonies of the victims. In this situation, there are no major concerns that the accused may have a destabilizing effect on the course of the proceedings, including persuading witnesses to give false testimony. There is also no fear that the accused would go into hiding – explained Tomasz Adamski, spokesman for the District Court in Gdańsk.

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“Krystek” was supposed to force girls to have sex and then blackmail them with recordingsTVN’s attention

Over 30 women affected

In 2018, Krystian W. heard the first sentence – three years in prison for the rape of a 17-year-old girl. It was this verdict that ended on November 21, 2021.

Meanwhile, the prosecution conducted two more cases against the man. In one of them, on October 14 this year, an invalid sentence was passed. Krystian W. was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for contact with a minor of a sexual nature. One of the two injured teenagers was Anaid, whose story we reported. The day after meeting with “Krystek”, she committed suicide. This verdict has not come into force yet. The prosecutor’s office demanded that W. await the validation of the sentence in custody, but the court rejected this request.

The main case of “Krystka” has been pending before the District Court in Wejherowo since January 2019 – is accused of 65 crimes, including 40 of a sexual nature. Among the acts he was to commit were rape, attempted rape, and intercourse with a minor. The prosecutor’s office reached out to 33 injured women. The man was also allegedly extorting credits, loans and compensations.

“Krystek” pleads not guilty. The information about W.’s release was first reported by RMF FM.

Main photo source: TVN’s attention

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