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Gdańsk. Legionella bacteria in water, sports center closed

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Legionella bacteria were detected in the water at the Sports Center of the Medical University of Gdańsk. This was confirmed by the results of laboratory tests. The university authorities decided to close the center until further measurements are carried out, which will be performed after the facility has been disinfected.

The information was provided by the university's spokeswoman, Dr. Joanna Śliwińska. – Preliminary laboratory test results confirmed the presence of Legionella bacteria in the water at the Sports Center of the Medical University of Gdańsk – she said.

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She explained that the bacteria were detected during a routine inspection. – University services have taken all appropriate actions – she assured.

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Disinfection and subsequent measurements

She added that the MUG Sports Center was closed on Thursday, and its reopening will be determined by repeated measurements taken after the necessary disinfection activities. – The safety of employees and students is our priority – emphasized the spokeswoman.

The MUG Sports Center is located at Dębowa Street in Gdańsk. It is a multifunctional sports and recreation complex used by students of the Medical University of Gdańsk.


Legionella pneumophila is a bacterium that grows in a water environment at a temperature of 20-50 degrees Celsius. It may pose a risk to human health if contaminated aerosols are inhaled, e.g. when using a shower or air conditioning.

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