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Gdansk. Palm House. She is 180 years old, scientists see no chance of saving her. The date palm will be cut out

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Scientists have ruled that the historic date palm from the palm house in the Oliwa Park has died and needs to be cut down. This is to be done within two or three weeks. Representatives of the Oliwa District Board announce a motion to the prosecutor’s office in this matter.

The 180-year-old date plant is the biggest attraction of the palm house in the Oliwa Park. Several years ago, we reported that the tree has outgrown the building in which it stands and it was to be enlarged. However, the tenders ended in a fiasco due to the lack of bidders.

“Gazeta Wyborcza Trójmiasto” was the first to announce that the historic date stamp will be removed. These reports were confirmed by Agnieszka Zakrzacka, head of the Social Communication Office of the Gdańsk City Development Directorate.

They will cut because there is no chance of rescue

It was the prolonged renovation of the palm house that was supposed to make the date plant die. Back in July, scientists looking after the palm indicated that the tree was in poor condition, but still expressed hope that it would be saved. The plant was fertilized and nourished with special steroids. Unfortunately, it had no effect.

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– The condition of the date plant, unfortunately, has started to deteriorate in the last few months. The investment process supervisors have made every effort to ensure that the plant survives. Unfortunately, despite the care with the use of advanced methods, the palm tree withers. According to scientists from the University of Gdańsk and the Jagiellonian University, there is no chance of its revival. Therefore, with the neighboring plants in mind, a decision was made to finally remove the date plant – Zakrzacka said.

The operation to cut the palm tree is to be performed within the next 2-3 weeks. The action will be attended by a specialized mountaineering team under the supervision of scientists. Then the date card will be transferred to the Faculty of Biology of the University of Gdańsk, where it will be used by students as research material.

Other plant specimens will be planted in place of the historic tree. The city bought three different palm trees from different parts of the world. These are palms: blue, Christmas and jam.

They announce a notification from the prosecutor’s office

Currently, the palm house complex in the Oliwa Park, which houses over 30 species of plants and palm trees, is being reconstructed. – Intensive construction and finishing works are underway in the entire facility. Soon a tender will be announced for the operator of a gastronomic establishment in an orangery. There is also a project of an alpine garden, i.e. a new garden, which is being built next to the palm house – informs Zakrzacka.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Oliwa District Board, Tomasz Strug, announced on Friday to social media that he would notify the prosecutor’s office about the case.

“In 2015, I announced that if a tree dies, I will report to the prosecutor’s office, because it will happen as a result of many years of negligence on the part of the city. Now the dead tree is going to be cut down. Together with my deputy in the Oliwa Management, attorney Jolanta Urbaniak-Szwankowska, we are preparing a letter on suspicion of a crime. One of the provisions of the law that we will refer to will be Art. 187 of the Criminal Code “- he wrote on Facebook.

In his opinion, the tree died due to the city’s long-term indolence in the decision to enlarge the palm house. – For years, the tree has been cut from leaves to fit into a too tight object – he believes. He also noticed that the application for entering a palm tree on the list of natural monuments for 5 years was not answered.

Main photo source: Staraoliwa.pl

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