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Gdańsk, Przymorze. The 27-year-old abused a dog in an elevator, heard the accusations. Recording

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One of the inhabitants of the Gdańsk Przymorze abuses a dog – this information was received by the district attendant. The man – as it was apparent from the reports of the reporting persons – was supposed to do it in the elevator so that no one could see his behavior towards the four-legged friend. But there was a camera in the elevator that recorded everything. The 27-year-old heard the accusations. He explained that he was aggressive towards the four-legged friend, because he lost money at the bookmaker that day.

According to Deputy Inspector Magdalena Ciska from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Gdańsk, a few days ago a district officer from Przymorze obtained information that a resident of one of the blocks was abusing his dog. The person reporting precisely the circumstances and time of the event. The crime was supposed to take place in an elevator.

– On the same day, the policeman contacted the estate administration and analyzed the monitoring records. As it turned out, the cameras recorded a man kicking and punching a dog in the elevator – says Ciska.

“He explained that he had lost money at the bookmaker. He took the frustration out of the dog.”

Officers quickly determined the identity of the man recorded by the camera. In the meantime, the 27-year-old – knowing that the policemen were looking for him – reported himself to the police station in Przymorze. There he heard allegations of dog abuse. He is threatened with three years in prison.

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– The man in the conversation with the policemen explained that on the day when he was aggressive towards the animal, he lost money at the bookmaker, so he released the frustration on the dog – says the policewoman.

The quadruped was taken from the 27-year-old and temporarily placed in a shelter. Officers applied to the city office to deprive the man of his rights to a dog.

Main photo source: KMP in Gdańsk

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