Gdańsk. She was riding her bike against the traffic on the ring road. “She didn’t realize the danger”


At night, she rode her bike onto the Tricity bypass and rode against the traffic. It cost me five thousand zlotys. After issuing a ticket, the police transported the cyclist to a safe place.

At approximately 00.25, the officer on duty received a report about a person riding a bicycle on the Tricity bypass. A traffic patrol was dispatched to the site. The policemen, while driving along the bypass, noticed a woman driving the wrong way on the Kashubian Route.

Traffic police officers intervened against a 26-year-old woman who was riding a bicycle on the Tricity Bypass at night.  The cyclist was fined PLN 5,000.  PLN, and then transported by a police car to a safe place.

The woman was punished with a high fineKWP Gdańsk

“It turned out that a 26-year-old Ukrainian citizen was riding a bicycle from Gdańsk Osowa and wanted to get to Gdynia. During the conversation with the police, the woman was not aware of the risk to road safety, to which she had undoubtedly contributed. The officers gave her a fine in in the amount of five thousand zlotys,” said the Provincial Police Headquarters in Gdańsk.

Due to the safety of the 26-year-old woman, the officers called a police car that could accommodate the bicycle and transported the woman to a safe place.

Main photo source: KWP Gdańsk

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