Gdansk. Tarantulas abandoned in the stairwell. They were left by a former tenant


Two tarantulas, locked in plastic boxes, were found in a stairwell in a block of flats in Gdańsk. As determined by city guards, they were left there by a former tenant of one of the flats. Although he declared to the landlord that he would soon collect the items, contact with the man was lost. He faces up to 3 years in prison for abandoning animals.

The incident occurred on Monday in a block of flats on Karpacka Street in Gdańsk. The Ecological Department of the Municipal Guard was alerted by a reporting party that she had found animals among things left on the staircase by a former tenant of her flat.

– The man moved out at the beginning of July and was supposed to come soon to collect the rest of his belongings – said Robert Kacprzak, inspector of the Gdańsk City Guard, adding that after a few days, contact with the tenant broke off. The owner of the apartment wanted to move his things and saw the box with the spider in it.

– The officers thoroughly searched through the former tenant's belongings. Among them, they found another box with a second spider. The lids of both were not secured in any way. Fortunately, the tarantulas did not manage to escape from them – Kacprzak said.

Officers city ​​guard they will notify the police about the incident. Abandonment is a form of animal cruelty. This crime is punishable by up to three years in prison.

The venom of tarantulas is not dangerous

The guards taped the lids shut and gave the arachnids to a foundation that helps exotic animals. The foundation's president, veterinarian Przemysław Łuczak, said that one of the spiders was a white-kneed tarantula (Acanthoscurria geniculata), while the other was a Brachypelma spp. He added that tarantulas are among the largest spiders in the world. He explained that their venom does not pose a threat to a healthy adult.

Main image source: SM Gdansk

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