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Gdansk. The court rejected the motion of Stefan W.’s defense attorney. There will be no further opinion of expert psychiatrists

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The motion of Stefan W.’s defense attorney for the appointment of another, fourth team of expert psychiatrists who would give an opinion on the mental health of the accused of murdering Paweł Adamowicz was rejected by the District Court in Gdańsk. The accused faces from twelve years to life imprisonment.

The press officer for criminal matters of the District Court in Gdańsk, Judge Tomasz Adamski, announced on Wednesday that by order of February 21 this year, The District Court in Gdańsk dismissed the evidence request of the defendant’s defense attorney of January 16 this year. for admitting and taking evidence from a written opinion of another (new) team of forensic experts – psychiatrists.

“The court found that the application was intended to extend the proceedings. It indicated that such evidence had already been taken in the case,” said Judge Adamski. He noted that the defendant’s mental health had been examined in the preparatory proceedings by three teams of expert psychiatrists and psychologists. “Experts were also questioned at the trial. This evidence, like any other, will be assessed by the adjudicating panel” – said the judge. He also indicated that the hearing date set for March 13. and the activities planned on it – votes of the parties – are up to date.

“The process should not be prolonged”

The brother of the murdered president, KO Piotr Adamowicz, wrote about the application on Facebook on Wednesday morning: “The trial of the murderer of my brother Paweł should not be prolonged! The court rejected the defense’s request for another, fourth team of expert psychiatrists who would give an opinion on Stefan’s mental health W. Which means closing arguments will take place on March 13. The court may issue a verdict on the same day, it may adjourn the verdict for a maximum of 14 days. The court’s decision on the defense motion is not appealable.”

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Stefan W. was examined by three teams of expert psychiatrists. According to the first opinion of experts from Kraków, which was prepared in 2019, Stefan W. was insane at the time of the attack on Paweł Adamowicz, which took place on January 13, 2019 on the stage of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The other two expert opinions of psychiatrists from Warsaw, Starogard Gdański and Łódź issued in 2020 and 2021 indicated that Stefan W. had limited sanity at the time of the incident.

Stefan W. is facing life imprisonment

Stefan W. is accused of committing murder with direct intent as a result of a motivation that deserves special condemnation, as well as of committing the crime of forcing another person to behave in a certain way. Both crimes were allegedly committed by the accused under conditions of recidivism. The accused faces from 12 years to life imprisonment.

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Expert opinions may affect the amount of the prison sentence. The court may apply extraordinary mitigation.

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