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Gdansk. The Strzelniczka River is polluted, the water in the taps is drinkable. The cause of the incident is being investigated

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We do not know what caused the pollution of Strzelniczka – admitted Piotr Kryszewski, deputy mayor of Gdańsk for municipal services, at a press conference on Friday. Hundreds of dead fish are now being caught from the river, which was recently called “the land of trout and grayling”. The authorities of the Gdańsk airport admit that there has recently been a defect in the discharge of de-icing agents for aircraft and the runway. However, as the president of the airport assures, this could not have led to what happened in the river. Waterworks emphasize that tap water in Gdańsk is safe to drink.

We informed about the pollution of the Strzelniczka River, called “the land of trout and grayling”. on Thursday on tvn24.pl in Tomasz Słomczyński’s reportage. The river, which recently was characterized by a fast current, gravel bottom and clear water, has changed beyond recognition. Local anglers alarmed that a dark green, smelly slush filled with farfocels appeared on the fisheries. What flowed with the river stopped on stones and branches.

Piotr Kryszewski, deputy mayor of Gdańsk for municipal services, at a press conference organized on Friday, said that the first disturbing signals began to flow on Sunday. – Information was transferred through the Gdańsk Contact Centre, from where it was transferred to the relevant services – Kryszewski said.

He added that on the same day, representatives of the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection and Gdańsk Waters appeared on the river bank.

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The Strzelniczka River in Pomeraniatvn24.pl

President of Gdańskie Wody: this may mean that some substance got into the river

– We found that there are dead fish in the Strzelniczka II reservoir. We started catching them. We also took water samples from the reservoir and sent them for testing – emphasized Ryszard Gajewski, president of Gdańskie Wody. He added that it was “difficult to say” what caused the incident at this time.

– The water level is regularly tested with a portable probe. We do cyclical measurements of oxygen and conductivity. We find that the oxygen level in the river is very low, while the conductivity is twice as high as in natural waters. This could mean that some substance got into the river. Most likely, however, it was not household sewage – said Gajewski.

The causes of river contamination are being investigatedTomasz Słomczyński/ tvn24.pl

He added that the water in the river is oxygenated. – We are also monitoring the area around the Strzelniczka II reservoir. We are testing conductivity and waiting for the results of the samples we sent for analysis – he noted.

According to the message we received on Friday from the Regional Water Management Authority in Gdańsk, the case of pollution of the Strzelniczka River and the Strzelniczka Stream was reported to the Poviat Police Headquarters in Kartuzy on Thursday.

– This is a routine action that is taken when it is found that the river may have been contaminated – Ewa Wiśniewska from the Regional Water Management Authority in Gdańsk told us.

Water in StrzelniczaTVN24

Gdańskie Wodociągi: drinking water in taps

During Friday’s press conference, Magdalena Rusakiewicz, vice-president of Gdańskie Wodociągi emphasized that the condition of the river does not translate into the quality of tap water.

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– The water in Gdańsk is 100% safe to drink. The water intake in Straszyn is controlled 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The residents receive safe water, which is covered by a multi-stage monitoring system. I emphasize with all my might: drinking tap water is safe – said Rusakiewicz.

As she emphasized, the parameters of raw water that flows into the Straszyn intake do not differ from the norm. – The parameters are stable, they do not change – said the vice-president of Gdańskie Wodociągi.

The airport reports a failure

The conference was also attended by Tomasz Kloskowski, President of the Management Board of Gdańsk Airport. He reminded that the airport is located in the immediate vicinity of the discharge to the river. He reported that since Sunday, the airport has not used the airport ditches to discharge substances related to the operation of the airport and aircraft de-icing systems.

– We have identified a minor defect in the drainage system for the de-icing liquid. This defect could not have affected (the contamination of the river – ed.). We use certified, ecological and biodegradable agents – assured Kloskowski.

He emphasized that water with a substance for de-icing aircraft and airports is discharged into an internal tank, where it is collected for at least six days. The president said that there is also a second system in the port area that drains rainwater, which also first flows into the reservoir and only then is discharged further.

– There was a slight leak between the systems. It is true that 99.9 percent of the fluid from the aircraft de-icing flowed into the sanitary sewage system, but there was a small passage next to the system. However, this should not change anything, because – as I emphasize – the substances we use are biodegradable – said the president.

– Does your presence at the conference prove that you are suspected of causing the disaster? the journalists asked.

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– No, it is proof that we are responsible and ready to face conspiracy theories. We do everything possible to determine what is possible. We even check whether the agents used are actually biodegradable, as declared by the manufacturer. We check everything – assured the president of the management board of Gdańsk Airport.

He admitted that he did not remember how much water the airport discharged into the river. However, he reported that the port has a water-legal permit. “There are certain parameters we have to stick to and we stick to them,” he declared.

Wojciech Gillmeister on the shore of Strzelniczka: “Angles alerted about dead fish in the river”Tomasz Slomczynski

Strzelniczka flows one and a half kilometers from another river, Mała Słupina, about which we have alerted on tvn24.pl in recent days. Both flow into Radunia.

There are two precipitation reservoirs upstream of the Strzelniczka River: Budowlanych II and Strzelniczka II. Agnieszka Kowalkiewicz, spokeswoman for the Gdańskie Wody company, reported that about three hundred dead fish, mainly crucian carp, were fished out of the latter alone. This is information from Wednesday, March 29. Further fish were also caught on Thursday, March 30, although in smaller numbers.

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The Strzelniczka RiverTVN24

Main photo source: Tomasz Słomczyński/ tvn24.pl

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