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Gdansk. They lit candles and released balloons to honor the late Kamil

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Dozens of people with balloons and candles gathered on Saturday at Solidarności Square in Gdańsk. During the meeting, the memory of eight-year-old Kamil from Częstochowa, who was tortured by his stepfather, was honored.

The unofficial ceremony in Gdańsk was attended by about 30 people, mainly women with children. The gathered lit candles and released white and blue balloons into the sky.

– Today at On the 13th Kamil’s funeral took place in Częstochowa, most of us could not attend it, so we decided to organize such a meeting; whoever wanted could come, light a candle, release a balloon or leave a teddy bear – said Dorota Dey, one of the organizers of the spontaneous meeting.

– We are mothers, we have children whom we love more than life itself and it is hard for us to watch other children suffer – she explained.

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They honored the memory of the deceased KamilPAP/Marcin Gadomski

“Unimaginable Tragedy”

Meeting at 13 (at the beginning of the funeral mass in Częstochowa) at Plac Solidarności in Gdańsk, apart from Dorota Dey, it was also co-organized by Magdalena Lewandowska, who emphasized that the meeting in Gdańsk is aimed at uniting people with Kamilek’s loved ones. It’s about his memory. We want to pay tribute to him for his suffering and emphasize that people should not be indifferent and react when something bad happens – she said.

She added that her mother, when she read about the tragedy of 8-year-old Kamil, “was heartbroken”. “I have a 6-year-old son and an older daughter and this is an unimaginable tragedy for me,” she said.

Gathered after 13 released white and blue balloons into the sky and raised a cry of protest against violence against children and the elderly.

They honored the memory of the deceased KamilPAP/Marcin Gadomski

“It is unimaginable to abuse children like that, to beat children like that”

On Saturday, the inhabitants of Łowicz also met. A dozen or so people gathered in the market square there, silently walked to the cathedral and laid flowers and candles there. The symbol of the meeting was a white rose with a black ribbon. – We got involved so that it was visible that we did not agree to violence, especially domestic violence, we also met those who needed this meeting, this indication of their disagreement with what was happening – explained Magdalena Przyżycka, president of the association Łowickie.pl

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– This is a protest on my part against what is happening in our country with children. It is unthinkable, it is unimaginable to abuse and beat children in such a way, it is incomprehensible to me – said Mrs. Ewa, a resident of Łowicz.

Częstochowa, funeral of Kamil, tortured by his stepfather PAP/Waldemar Deska

She is not the only one who finds it hard to believe in the tragedy that happened to Kamil. There is no shortage of voices of indignation for everything that led to the death of a child. – I am appalled by the impotence of the institution that it was reported to various places and no one reacted, and that parents are probably there to love children, not to be their executioners. Things like this shouldn’t happen at all. I am a mother myself and I have a child of a similar age, it is just terrible – admitted another participant of the demonstration in Łowicz, Mrs. Anna.

Kamil’s memory was also honored in other Polish cities, including Łódź, Warsaw, Wrocław, Otwock and Gliwice.

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The funeral of Kamil from Częstochowa

Kamil’s funeral took place at 13 in the church of the Resurrection of the Lord in the Mystery of Emmaus in Częstochowa.

Częstochowa, funeral of Kamil, tortured by his stepfather PAP/Waldemar Deska

The eight-year-old, tortured by his stepfather, was treated for over a month at the Upper Silesian Children’s Health Center in Katowice. He died on Monday morning.

The case of the boy’s abuse came to light following a report made by the child’s biological father on April 3. The police intervened. The child with severe injuries – extensive burns and fractures – was transported to a hospital in Katowice by helicopter.

The investigation into this case, which has been carried out so far by the Częstochowa prosecutor’s office, was transferred to Gdańsk a few days ago. Kamil’s stepfather, who was arrested at the beginning of April on charges of attempted murder and abuse of Kamil with particular cruelty, after the boy’s death, the charge is to be changed to murder with particular cruelty, and the mother, suspected of exposing her child to the immediate danger of loss of life and health , as well as aiding and abetting a boy, may be charged with assisting in murder. She is also arrested.

The tenement house where Kamil and his family livedTVN24

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The second thread of the investigation concerns the failure to perform duties by employees of social welfare centers in Częstochowa, as well as in Olkusz, where Kamil’s family lived for some time, and teams for counteracting domestic violence operating at communes, as well as probation officers and educational institutions.

The Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro informed that, regardless of the prosecutor’s investigation into Kamil’s death, he decided to apply to the disciplinary prosecutor for judges to initiate an investigation against the judges in connection with their decisions regarding the custody of the boy.

Main photo source: PAP/Marcin Gadomski

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