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GDDKiA chose Budimex’s offer for the fragment S1 Mysłowice-Bieruń

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GDDKiA has selected the contractor for the construction of the Kosztowy II junction along with the 10-kilometer S1 section between Mysłowice and Bieruń. The most advantageous offer was submitted by Budimex from Warsaw, which estimated the cost of the task at over PLN 489 million.

The new S1 route in the province. Silesian Voivodeship was marked out from Mysłowice to Bielsko-Biała and divided into four implementation sections (three cover the main course of the route, one is the Oświęcim bypass leading from it). Contracts for two sections of the main route and the Oświęcim bypass were signed after tenders last year.

GDDKiA chose Budimex’s offer for the fragment S1 Mysłowice-Bieruń

The situation was complicated on the section from Mysłowice to the Oświęcim junction (nearly 13 km) together with the Bieruń bypass (over 2 km). GDDKiA decided to exclude the cheapest offer from China State Construction Engineering Corporation from the tender, and then – after the rulings of the National Appeals Chamber and the court – to cancel the proceedings.

Then the Mysłowice-Oświęcim section was divided into two tasks: section I / A Bieruń-Oświęcim with the Bieruń bypass and section I / B Mysłowice Kosztowy II – Bieruń. Initially, in spring this year, the management tried to order the first of them freely, but after another KIO ruling, the procedure was also canceled. Then two standard tenders were launched.

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The larger one concerns the section I / B Mysłowice Kosztowy II – Bieruń. With the budget of GDDKiA PLN 521.6 million, the offer with the lowest price, PLN 465.5 million, was submitted by Polaqua. The next offers in terms of the price were offered by Budimex – PLN 489.2 million and Strabag – PLN 490.7 million. According to Saturday’s information on the Facebook profile of GDDKiA, the Budimex offer was considered the most advantageous.

This tender concerns the design and construction of a 10 km long section of the S1 expressway with two road junctions: Kosztowy II and Lędziny. There will also be two Travel Service Points: Lędziny East (category II) and Lędziny West (category III), 16 engineering structures and the necessary technical infrastructure.

At the beginning of October, the contractor was selected in the tender for the Bieruń-Oświęcim section. Nine offers were received. At a cost estimate of PLN 239.6 million, the cheapest offer, worth PLN 212.7 million, was selected by Strabag.

The scope of this task includes the design and construction of a 2.9-kilometer S1 road with a two-kilometer section of GP class road (main accelerated traffic) and a 1.2-kilometer class Z connector (collective road) between the Bieruń junction and the Bierunia street system (access to ul. Jagiełło). The construction of these connections, to be completed in November 2023, would coincide with the commissioning of the S1 route from the Oświęcim junction to Bielsko-Biała and would connect them with the existing route of the national road No. 44.

Express route S1 in the province. Silesia and Lesser Poland

Express route S1 in the province. Śląskie and Małopolskie voivodships run from the junction with the A1 motorway near the Katowice Pyrzowice airport to the border with Slovakia in Zwardoń. The express road is currently standard on the sections Pyrzowice-Podwarpie, Dąbrowa Górnicza-Tychy, and also from Bielsko-Biała to Przybędza and Milówka-Zwardoń.

In order to complete the artery, we need, among others: reconstruction of the dual carriageway “one” from Podwarpie to Dąbrowa Górnicza to the standard of the collision expressway (7 km – a contract was signed in September last year) and reconstruction of the 2.7 km section in Dąbrowa Górnicza (designing in progress).

Another part of S1 is being built in the “design and build” formula in the new route between Mysłowice and Bielsko-Biała (the Oświęcim bypass and two sections south of it in the perspective of 2023; the Mysłowice-Oświęcim bypass section, most likely later).

In the south of the region, the construction of the so-called the bypass of Węgierska Górka along the S1 route to the border in Zwardoń. There are, among others, two tunnels approx. 830 m and 980 m long and several flyovers. The contract for the design and construction of the 8.5 km section was signed in October 2019.

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