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Gdynia. Apartment Plus three times more expensive than promised? Residents feel cheated

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Almost PLN 1.5 million – this is how much the families participating in the government project “Apartment plus” would pay for a 66-meter apartment in Gdynia. The problem is that the beneficiaries of the program – as they emphasize – were promised preferential prices, which were supposed to be almost three times lower. However, they have been revalorized. In a statement submitted to the trojmiasto.pl portal, PFR Nieruchomości informs that the average rent for an apartment in Gdynia “is more than 50% lower than that on the commercial market”, and also about the “freezing” of rent rates until the end of 2025.

– The idea was that in 2020, according to the schedule, I should pay about PLN 480,000 for this apartment. At the moment, after presenting the new rates, this amount has increased to PLN 1.5 million – says Patryk Malinowski, one of the residents of the housing estate in Kacze Buki in Gdynia.

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Resident of the estate: this is not what we were promised

The “Mieszkanie plus” program was part of the government’s plan to provide 100,000 apartments. apartments to families who cannot afford to buy a flat on the open market due to lack of funds or creditworthiness. The program provided for the rental of apartments with the possibility of the so-called access to ownership. The rates of the rent itself were also supposed to be preferential to enable families who could not afford to rent an apartment on the free market to live in the new buildings. “By the end of October 2021, 15.3 thousand apartments were built under the Mieszkanie plus program, and 20.5 thousand apartments were under construction. Earlier, the government declared that by the end of 2019 it would build 100 thousand apartments” – informed Supreme Chamber of Control in March 2022.

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– This is not what we were promised. This is not any social assistance, as he loudly announced in his advertising campaign PIS. Large families, people with disabilities and the elderly really live here and they are not sure about our future. Even the lease agreements, for those who would like to continue them, are signed for only one year and three months, although it has been declared that rates will be frozen for two years. How sure are we of what will happen next? – wonders Paweł Szyszko, another resident.

Under the board informing that the estate was built as part of the “Mieszkanie plus” program, residents of the estate put candles.

Dissatisfied beneficiaries of the program leave candles on the estateTVN24

PFR Nieruchomości: decision to “freeze” rent rates

As reported by TVN24 reporter Marta Ulatowska, the editors asked the Polish Development Fund about the matter. We are waiting for answer.

The trojmiasto.pl portal also asked about the case of PFR Nieruchomości. The answer shows that “the amount of the rent for the lease with the acquisition of ownership in the housing estate in Gdynia results from the current value of the property, real estate service costs, lease service costs, as well as the level of inflationwhich affects the amount of rent, in accordance with the provisions of the agreements.

“In the calculations presented to tenants interested in using this formula, we have included information on how the fees will develop over the entire repayment period. These are data containing two components – the rent (taking into account the forecasted inflation) and the capital repayment amount. It should be emphasized that throughout the entire repayment period repayment, all costs related to renovations, property insurance costs or taxes are borne by the fund.

“On February 16, the Polish Development Fund and PFR Nieruchomości decided to ‘freeze’ rental rates until the end of 2025. This means that tenants have a guarantee that the current rent for renting an apartment will remain at the current level regardless of inflation in the current and next year” – provided in the response quoted by the trojmiasto.pl portal. And it was pointed out that “the average rent for an apartment in Gdynia is currently PLN 22.89 per square meter and is over 50% lower than on the commercial market.”

Intervention of the opposition

On Wednesday, February 22, MPs from the Civic Platform (PO) intervened in the Gdynia housing estate. They see irregularities in the government’s program and announce that they will raise the problem of residents in the Sejm.

On March 7, the Sejm will hold a meeting of the Infrastructure Committee, during which the minister of funds and regional policy will provide information on the implementation of the new housing program “Accessibility plus”. The opposition announces that at this meeting it will first demand the settlement of the government’s “Mieszkanie plus” program.

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