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Gdynia, end of Kacper B's trial. He abused the cat and posted videos on the Internet. He also had child pornography

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On Wednesday, the trial of 24-year-old Kacper B., accused of abusing a cat and possessing child pornography, ended in Gdynia. The prosecutor's office wants the man to be sentenced to 2.5 years in prison; An auxiliary prosecutor from one of the pro-animal organizations emphasized his “sadistic tendencies.”

Judicial proceedings in the case which we have been describing it on tvn24.pl from the beginning was closed on Wednesday before the District Court in Gdynia. 24-year-old Kacper B. was accused of abusing a cat with particular cruelty and failing to help it. The man was also responsible for possessing child pornography and a pirated copy of the program. His former partner, 39-year-old Danuta W.-S. She is responsible for allowing the man to abuse the cat. Prosecutor Iwona Boboli-Korhonen requested that both defendants be found guilty; against Kacper B. – for a total penalty of 2.5 years in prison, a 10-year ban on owning animals and compensation for an animal center. Against his former partner, the public prosecutor requested a 10-month prison sentence suspended for three years, a ban on owning animals for three years and financial compensation.

The accused abused the cat and posted photos and recordings on the InternetInstagram/diozpl

“He enjoyed it”

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Representative of the subsidiary prosecutors of the “International Animal Movement Viva!” Foundation. During her final speech, Katarzyna Topczewska said that there was no doubt about the defendant's guilt because he admitted it. – He himself wanted to show off his sadistic tendencies. He recorded the video himself. He boasted about it on the Internet, said the subsidiary prosecutor.

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Attorney Topczewska emphasized that the descriptions of what the accused did to a person with completely average sensitivity were inconceivable that a healthy person could do something like that. – Moreover, Kacper B. is a person of high intelligence. What the accused did was conscious. He enjoyed it. The films prove that he has sadistic tendencies – said the subsidiary prosecutor and asked for a 5-year prison sentence for Kacper B. and a 10-year ban on owning animals. For his former partner, she requested a one-year prison sentence and a 5-year ban on owning animals. Attorney Topczewska emphasized that Kacper B. is a very demoralized person, takes pleasure in inflicting pain and disregarded the court, and therefore deserves severe punishment.

He came to the trial wearing plush cat ears on his head

Kacper B. recorded him torturing the cat with his phone and posted the video online. In July 2022, images of Leni the cat, tied to a towel holder with a cable, wet and shivering, circulated in the media. The film was accompanied by vulgar comments. Kacper B. came to the first hearing in the Gdynia court wearing plush cat ears and stated that he and his new wife took care of several cats. After this statement, the court imposed a preventive measure on him in the form of a ban on caring for animals. The verdict will be delivered on Wednesday, April 3.

Main photo source: Instagram/diozpl

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