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Gdynia. Grzegorz Borys, 44, wanted, second day of the manhunt. An arrest warrant and an arrest warrant were issued

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The search for 44-year-old Grzegorz Borys, suspected of murdering his six-year-old son, whose body was found on Friday in an apartment in Gdynia, continues for the second day. On Saturday, the court issued an arrest warrant and the prosecutor’s office issued an arrest warrant. About a thousand officers are participating in the operation, and the area is being searched from a helicopter. So far, however, it has had no effect.

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According to the spokeswoman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk, Prosecutor Grażyna Wawryniuk, on Saturday the District Court in Gdynia issued an arrest warrant for Grzegorz Borys. He now has the status of a suspect (and not a suspect as before) in connection with the charge of murder with particular cruelty. Issuing an arrest warrant results in issuing an arrest warrant for him. It was issued by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Gdynia. Anyone who helps a wanted person faces up to three years in prison.

– A decision to bring charges has been issued. This is a charge of a crime under Article 148, paragraph 2, point 1, i.e. murder with particular cruelty. Today, the prosecutor filed a request for temporary arrest. Currently, the man is wanted on an arrest warrant as a suspect, explained prosecutor Wawryniuk.

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The raid aimed at detaining an active soldier of the Polish Army, 44-year-old Grzegorz Borys, lasts from Friday. – Unfortunately, there is no breakthrough in the case. A lot of people call us. All information is verified on an ongoing basis – says Commander Karina Kamińska from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Gdańsk.

The policewoman informs that on the night from Friday to Saturday, tracking dogs led officers to one of the water reservoirs, which had already been searched by divers.

According to the policewoman, about a thousand people, including 800 policemen, are already participating in the activities. “These are not only policemen, but also soldiers, forest guards, firefighters and search groups on whom we can always count when searching is underway. Policemen are determined, hence such large forces and resources,” emphasizes the Pomeranian police in the entry Saturday afternoon was posted on social media.

The entry goes on to say that police officers from the prevention department from Gdańsk, Bydgoszcz, Olsztyn, Poznań and Łódź worked at night. The officers say that as part of the raid, they are combing the forests, and the search involves, among others, guides with patrol and tracking dogs and dogs trained to detect the smell of human corpses. A military helicopter was included in the search, searching for the suspect from the air.

The police published new photos from the search on social media.

Weather conditions

Activities are concentrated in Wielki Kack, a district located in the south of Gdynia. – During the first day of the search, there was a strong wind and heavy rain. Tracking dogs had trouble picking up the trail – our reporter Adam Krajewski, who was observing the action, reported in the morning.

He emphasized that the activities continued throughout the night from Friday to Saturday: – They were not interrupted despite the very bad weather. At night, the lights of many flashlights used by the officers involved were visible. The reporter added that around 12 p.m. the weather situation improved slightly.

Gdynia. The police published the image of 44-year-old Grzegorz Borys, suspected of murdering a 6-year-old boyTVN24

The wanted Grzegorz Borys

Police about the murder of a six-year-old at ul. Górnicza in Gdynia was alerted on Friday around 10. After 13. The Provincial Police Headquarters in Gdańsk revealed on its social media channels the image and details of the man wanted in this case – the boy’s father, 44-year-old Grzegorz Borys. He is 44 years old and 185 cm tall.

In the photo published by the police, he is being chased in a Polish Navy uniform. The Military Police confirmed that the man is an active soldier of the Polish Army. People who know where he may be are asked to contact the Gdynia Police Headquarters at 47 74 21 222 or the emergency number 112.

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The police appeal to people who notice a wanted man not to try to stop him on their own, but to immediately report it to the services. The officers also ask people not to appear near the ongoing search area unnecessarily.

Grzegorz Borys wanted for the murder of a six-year-old boy. He is 44 years old and 185 cm tallPomeranian Police

A six-year-old boy is dead

The six-year-old’s body was found by his mother. The child allegedly had cuts to his neck. There was also a dead dog in the apartment. Residents of the building where the boy’s body was found were told not to leave the premises.

The police report that on Friday, policemen from the Investigation Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Gdańsk and the city police station in Gdynia worked in the apartment where the boy’s body was found. Police officers from the Forensic Laboratory in Gdańsk also participated in securing traces on the basis of which investigators will reconstruct the course of the tragedy.

The officers talked to people who may have knowledge about this incident, and other witnesses were also interviewed. The child’s relatives were taken under the care of a police psychologist.

Main photo source: Piotr Hukalo/East News

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