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Gdynia. Grzegorz Borys has been missing for 11 days. Another RCB alert

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Day 11 of the manhunt for Grzegorz Borys, suspected of murdering his six-year-old son. On Monday, the Government Security Center sent another alert to the phones of users staying in the Tricity and surrounding areas.

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Monday is the 11th day of the search for Grzegorz Borys, who is suspected of murdering his six-year-old son. Before the child’s body was found, the man escaped from the apartment and has been wanted by the services ever since. “Attention! The police are searching for Grzegorz Borys. Do not obstruct the services and do not enter the forest in the Tri-City Landscape Park” – this text message was sent to people staying in the Tri-City and surrounding areas on Monday morning. Similar alerts were sent on Saturday and Sunday. During the weekend, a police helicopter was circling over the forests between Wejherowo and Rekowo Górne and over Karwiny. The police are convinced that Borys is still hiding in the forests surrounding Tricity. “Grzegorz Borys took with him things that he believed would guarantee his survival. He left electronics, cash and documents in the apartment,” the police said on Saturday. Similar RCB Alerts regarding not entering the Tricity Landscape Park have been sent every day for a week due to the search for Grzegorz Borys.

Police: All signs point to him being in survival mode

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The Pomeranian police announced in a statement on Saturday: that “the search is conducted methodically, based on findings and analysis, which is performed on an ongoing basis by the operational center.”

“The police and military gendarmes are determined to search this particular place due to the fact that all traces secured, among others, at the suspect’s place of residence, as well as specific findings and information indicate that the man is focused on survival mode in a place where he feels safest, i.e. in the forest. The missing person took with him things that – according to him – would guarantee his survival. The man, however, left in the apartment, among others, electronics, cash and all necessary documents, without which his functioning in an urban environment would be much more difficult. “- stated in the announcement.

The officers repeated their appeal not to enter the Tricity Landscape Park. “The police dogs taking part in the operation are constantly following the trail. The smell and other traces obtained indicate that Grzegorz Borysa is still in the SSP,” the Pomeranian police said.

New police announcement Facebook

The search for Grzegorz Borys

Several hundred officers take part in the activities: police, Border Guard and fire brigade, soldiers of the Military Police, as well as guides with tracking dogs and foresters.

Grzegorz Borys was fascinated by the art of survival in the field.

– A lot of things were found in the TPK area, because not only the wanted Grzegorz Borys practiced bushcraft there. Something was definitely found, but there is no information indicating that the items found belonged to the wanted person. Determinations are underway as to who they belonged to, said on Friday the spokeswoman of the Military Police Branch in Elbląg, Cpl. Daria Lubianiec.

Police on the search for Grzegorz Borys (statement from October 25)TVN24

European arrest warrant

The court issued a European Arrest Warrant for the wanted person.

– The European Arrest Warrant means that the man will also be wanted outside the country, in the European Union – said prosecutor Grażyna Wawryniuk, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk.

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Murder of a six-year-old in Gdynia

The police received information about the murder of a six-year-old at ul. Górnicza in Gdynia on Friday, October 20 around 10. After 13 The Provincial Police Headquarters in Gdańsk published the image and data of the boy’s father, 44-year-old Grzegorz Borys, wanted in this case. A manhunt has begun.

The prosecutor’s office issued a decision to charge Grzegorz Borys with an offense under Art. 148 pairs 2 point 1 of the Penal Code, i.e. murder with particular cruelty. An application was also submitted to the court for the man’s temporary arrest. Grzegorz Borys, as a suspect, is wanted on an arrest warrant throughout the country. The court issued a European Arrest Warrant for the wanted person.

Preliminary autopsy results

An autopsy of the child confirmed that he died as a result of cuts to the neck.

– According to the expert’s preliminary findings, the cause of the child’s death was hemorrhagic shock, coexisting with cerebral hypoxia, as a result of massive hemorrhage from damaged large blood vessels within the extensive neck wound, said the spokeswoman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Gdańsk.

In the photo published by the police, he is being chased in the dress uniform of the Polish Navy, with the rank of senior sailor. The Military Police confirmed that the man is an active soldier of the Polish Army.

Grzegorz Borys wanted for the murder of a six-year-old boy. He is 44 years old and 185 cm tall

The six-year-old’s body was found by his mother. There was also a dead dog in the apartment.

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