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Gdynia. He threatened to blow up the shuttle – a man stopped by the police

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A 30-year-old resident of Gdynia entered the canteen – a ferry sailing from Sweden – and in “broken English” he informed that there were explosives on the ship. The man was arrested by the police. We received the first information about the event on Kontakt24.

On Contact24 We received the report of Ms Anna, who was on the ferry from the Swedish Karlskrone on Monday morning. The woman reported that around 6:30 am a masked man entered the canteen, who started shouting Islamic slogans and threatened to blow up the shuttle. The incident was supposed to take place an hour before reaching the port in Gdynia.

Security overwhelmed him

– I was in the canteen with my husband and children. At one point a man in a balaclava with a large backpack walked in. He had a piece of glass in one hand and a tipless electric toothbrush in the other. At first we thought this toothbrush was a detonator. It looked terrible. The man spoke broken English, shouted out Islamic slogans, summoned Allah, but also called the police – the woman said.

Mrs. Anna praises the ferry staff for their reaction. – Employees took about 50 people out of the canteen. We were waiting in the other restaurant when security overpowered the man. After 15 minutes we returned to the room and we were able to finish breakfast – reported the passenger of the cruise. – We arrived in Gdynia at 7:30 am, as planned. The police were waiting on the spot and arrested the man. Everyone who was on the ferry quickly disembarked. The border guard did not carry out checks so that everything would last as short as possible – emphasized the woman in an interview with the editorial office of Kontakt24.

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30-year-old detained

The police confirmed that such an event had taken place, and the 30-year-old was arrested in the case. – The officers detained a 30-year-old resident of Gdynia. The man entered one of the rooms on the ferry and said that he had planted explosives on the vessel. There is an investigation team, counterterrorist services and rescuers on site. Activities are underway – informs Jolanta Grunert, spokesman of the Gdynia police. And he adds that the man was taken to hospital. His blood is to be taken for testing there.

TVN24 Pomorze / Kontakt24 / PAP

Main photo source: Malopolska Police

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