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Gdynia, Orlowo. Divers fished out electric scooters from the Baltic Sea

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Divers from Gdynia – in cooperation with divers from Malta – fished out electric scooters from the Baltic Sea. On the seabed, near the pier in Gdynia-Orłowo, there were as many as nine of them. Divers emphasize that such finds are dangerous for the natural environment.

On Monday (January 16), divers from the Diving Technology Center in Gdynia, together with members of the Maltese NGO Zibel group, pulled out from under the water – tracked a few days earlier – electric scooters. According to the divers, the scooters were not in the water by accident.

– This time we came across electric scooters. We dived on Friday and found eight pieces. We decided to fish them out. On Monday we organized a fishing operation and it turned out that there are nine of them. It clearly looked as if someone had thrown them there on purpose – Ewa Kochańska from the Diving Technology Center in Gdynia told us.

She added: – When we dive near the pier in Orłowo, we always find something. Previously, these included elements of jewelry, a bicycle or a computer keyboard.

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Danger to the environment

Kochańska emphasized that throwing electric scooters into the water is dangerous for the natural environment. – Electric vehicles are equipped with lithium-ion batteries that contain environmentally hazardous elements such as manganese, cadmium and permium. The greatest danger arises when the battery leaks into the water. Fortunately, nothing like that happened in this case.

The operation lasted three hours. After its completion, the divers informed about the finds the company that owns the scooters, as well as the municipal company responsible for cleaning and sanitary works.

Main photo source: Center of Diving Technology Gdynia/ Łukasz Piórewicz

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