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Gdynia. Two-meter-long boa snake in a shoebox abandoned in the woods. He looked like he was trying to get out. He was dead

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A random passer-by found a small box in the forest in Gdynia, with the head of a boa snake sticking out of it. The city and the police are investigating the matter. They are looking for the owner of the animal.

As Leonard Wawrzyniak, spokesman for the Gdynia City Guard, informed the media, on Sunday, July 16, they received a report from a person who in the forest at ul. Sailors 3 found a boa snake.

He looked like he was trying to get out

“The patrol team went to the spot. At first glance, you could see and feel that the animal had been dead for some time. His body showed no obvious signs of injury, partially protruding from a small, tape-wrapped box. It looked as if the snake was trying to get out of the cardboard box – says Wawrzyniak.

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The snake was measured by the guards. It turned out that someone had stuffed a snake, which was more than two meters long, into a shoe box. It has also been found to be a boa constrictor.

In nature, this animal is found in Central and South America. Boa poses no threat to humans. In the natural environment, it hunts small mammals, in breeding conditions it eats rodents, rabbits and chickens. The victim is first suffocated, then swallowed whole, then digested for several days. It is an endangered species.

The snake was two meters longMunicipal Police in Gdynia

They will check why the snake fell

– This animal is covered by the CITES convention, which means that the owner is obliged to register the snake with the environmental department. We will check it today, Monday, July 17. In addition, the investigation is also carried out by the police – says Wawrzyniak.

– If this snake died in the farm, then such an animal cannot be buried in the forest, just as you cannot bury the body of a dog in the forest. Such an animal should be disposed of – explains the spokesman of the Guard. – If someone left a dead snake in the forest, they will answer in the same way as for leaving a dead dog in the forest, for which there is a fine of up to PLN 500. However, if it was a live animal, left in a cardboard box, which tried to get out and died, it is already a crime, punishable by imprisonment of up to three years – emphasizes Wawrzyniak.

Main photo source: Municipal Police in Gdynia

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