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Gender correction. Russia. The State Duma passed a ban on “sex change”

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In the last reading, the Russian State Duma supported a bill prohibiting citizens from medical and legal “change”, i.e. gender reassignment. Concern has been expressed by doctors and transgender rights advocates. The document will now go to the upper house of parliament and then to President Vladimir Putin for signature.

According to the law, Russians will not be able to “change” (correct) the gender on official identity documents, which has been legal since 1997. Health professionals would be barred from “performing medical interventions aimed at gender reassignment”, including surgery, and from prescribing hormone therapy.

As Reuters reported on Friday, State Duma deputies added provisions to the draft law in the second reading, prohibiting transgender people from adopting or raising children in a foster family and enabling the annulment of marriages if one of the spouses “changes” sex after the conclusion of the marriage.

Bills in the State Duma, the lower house of parliament, are considered in three readings before being sent to the upper house (Federation Council) and then to the president Vladimir Putin for signature.

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The State Duma passed a law prohibiting gender reassignmentPAP/EPA/RUSSIAN STATE PRIDE PRESS SERVICE HANDOUT

Doctors and transgender rights advocates are concerned

Doctors and transgender rights advocates warn that the new law could lead to a black market in hormone substitutes and a surge in suicide attempts among young people who will not have access to medical care.

“For children and teenagers, this situation seems like an absolute hopelessness,” said Elle Solomina, a transgender Russian woman living in Georgia. “They won’t be able to get any help,” she added.


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