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Gender Equality Index 2023. How did Poland fare? [RANKING]

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It takes 131 years to achieve gender equality in the world, according to a new report by the World Economic Forum. Iceland is the best at tackling inequalities between women and men, while Afghanistan is the worst. Poland was ranked 60th among the 146 countries included in the study. This also means that it ranks 24th in Europe out of 36 countries.

The Global Gender Gap Report, the latest report on gender equality, experts from the World Economic Forum published on Tuesday. For the 17th time, the authors of the document analyzed the differences between women and men in four categories: participation and opportunities in economic life, educational achievements, health and life expectancy, and political position. The report includes 146 countries, which are rated on a scale of 0 to 100, with the score interpreted as the distance traveled towards gender equality, i.e. the percentage of differences that have been closed.

Globally, the gender equality score is 68.4%, an improvement of 0.3 percentage points from last year. “At the current rate of progress, it will take 131 years to reach full parity,” the authors of the report stress.

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Gender Equality Index. Ranking of countries of the world

The document noted that no country in the world has yet achieved full gender equality. It’s the closest to that goal Iceland, which has been at the forefront of bridging the gap between women and men for 14 years. Its result this year is 91.2 percent. and it is the only country that has surpassed the 90% barrier. The next places are: Norway (87.9%), Finland (86.3%), New Zealand (85.6%) and Sweden (81.5%). Algeria (57.3%), Chad (57%) and Afghanistan (40.5%) were ranked last in the world ranking.

Europe is the continent with the highest gender parity (76.3%) – in the top ten, apart from the above-mentioned countries, there are also Germany, Lithuania and Belgium, followed by Hungary, the Czech Republic and Cyprus. The authors of the report predict that the Old Continent will reach full equality in 67 years. North America is second in terms of regions (75%), which will reach this goal in 95 years, and last Near East and North Africa (62.6%, 152 years).

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Gender equality. How did Poland fare?

Poland took 60th place in the ranking with a score of 72.2%, which means that it moved up in the ranking by 17 places compared to last year. The obtained result translates into the 24th position in Europe out of 36 countries. In terms of economy in the world, Poland was ranked 64th (69.9%), in terms of education – 50th (99.7%), in terms of politics – 73rd (21.1%), and in terms of health – first place (98%) on a par with 25 other countries.

In the case of our country, it has been calculated that with regard to the professional activity rate, 75.4% of jobs have been eliminated. differences between the sexes (82nd place), but in terms of equal pay for similar work, only 55.8 percent. differences (108th place). In terms of politics, the percentage of women in parliament was 39.5%. equality, and in ministerial positions 21.4 percent. Poland scored high on equity in health, with the gender ratio at birth (94.4%) and life expectancy (106%). Our country also achieves high results in terms of equality in education, oscillating between 98.6 percent and 98.6 percent. (recruitment to secondary schools) and 100 percent. (primary and higher education enrollment and illiteracy rate).

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