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General Election 2023. Qatar Public Poll. KO and PiS on an equal footing, Confederation and Third Way too

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Civic Coalition and Law and Justice each won 32 percent of the respondents’ support, according to the latest poll of support for political parties conducted by Kantar Public. Confederation and Third Way have another result, also ex aequo. However, they won only 7 percent of the votes each.

In the latest monthly poll in the Kantar Public workshop from the Opinion Barometer series, respondents were asked about their party preferences. According to the survey, among those declaring their intention to participate in the elections, 32 percent of those surveyed would vote for the Civic Coalition. It also got the same result Law and Justice.

Compared to the previous survey, KO gained 4 percentage points, and PiS – 1 percentage point.

Behind these two parties a gulf opens. In the ranking, they have ex aequo as much as 25 percentage points less – 7 percent each Confederation (unchanged) and Third Way (-3 pp). Voting for the Left was declared by 6 percent of respondents (-2 pp). Agrounia won 1 percent and Agreement – 0 percent. Kantar Public did not say how the score of the last two groups changed since the last poll.

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15% were undecided, which is the same result as in the previous poll.

The survey was conducted on June 16-21 this year using computer-assisted face-to-face interviews (CAPI). It was attended by 726 adults declaring their intention to participate in the elections.

Party preferences of Poles. Kantar Public pollHalter Public

Main photo source: PAP/Marcin Obara

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