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General Rajmund Andrzejczak after the meeting with General Marek Milley: the war in Ukraine must be seen in a very broad perspective

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General Rajmund Andrzejczak, Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army, after talking to the highest-ranking American commander, General Marek Milley, said that the Americans are aware that “we as NATO cannot lose the war in Ukraine” because it will have great global consequences. He added that Poland wants to “inspire” its allies to increase the production of, among others, ammunition, both precision and ordinary, artillery and tank ammunition.

General Rajmund Andrzejczak during his visit to USA spoke with the highest-ranking American commander, General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

– Americans are fully aware that we as FOR THIS we cannot lose this war, that it will have regional implications and will affect the global situation – said Andrzejczak after the meeting in Pentagons. As he said, he spoke with his American counterpart about the medium and long-term war prospects.

General Andrzejczak: this war should be seen in a very broad perspective

When asked by the Polish Press Agency what we can expect in the coming months of the war, he stated that non-military factors will be important for the course of the conflict.

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– What is most important, I would like to see this war in a very broad perspective. War is not just a military matter. As Clausewitz said, this is pure politics. We have to answer the question about the economy, about the financial system, about social aspects, so here we have to maintain capacity Ukraine to conduct combat operations, the general said. He added that it will also be crucial to further deprive the Russians of the flow of money through sanctions.

He assessed that Poland’s actions regarding the conflict were responsible and widely praised.

Talks on coordinating the supply of equipment to Ukraine

– I think that there are no longer any doubts that the post-Cold War center of gravity has shifted from Berlin to Warsaw – said the military man.

The Chief of the General Staff said that the conversation with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff also concerned the coordination of equipment deliveries to Ukraine, as well as increasing the production of military equipment and ammunition by Western countries. Andrzejczak stated that Poland wants to “inspire” its allies to increase the production of, among others, ammunition, both precision and ordinary, artillery and tank.

General Andrzejczak on the purchase of the HIMARS system: very good news

General Andrzejczak also referred to the announced purchase of HIMARS systems by Poland.

– It was really very good news for all the soldiers, we were waiting for it. It will have a number of consequences, first political, then economic. (…) Today, no one has any doubts, there is no reasonable person who does not know what HIMARS is. This is an absolute “game changer”, a system that allows Ukrainians to hit targets at a long distance – said the general during a meeting with Polish journalists in Washington.

He added that Poland is interested in Polonizing these systems as soon as possible, and the Polish approach to these purchases – buying both complete sets and launcher modules that will be mounted on Polish vehicles – is praised by the USA.

– The Americans themselves say that our approach to the purchase of such operational capabilities, the scale of these purchases is an absolute example for other countries – he noted.

“It’s about building deterrence capacity”

He also explained that such a large number of systems purchased by Poland is intended to deter Russia before the attack. – If we see the scale of the Russian mobilization and the scale of this involvement, I think that no sensible Pole asked on the street whether he would like to have Bucza in Białystok, Łomża or Rzeszów will say that he certainly does not – said the commander.

– So it’s about building this deterrent potential, which is supposed to be measurable, to be clear to the Russians: that “no” means “no.” This number is both for our financial measure – because we received such assurances here – and for the state, which is a leader in the region – he added. At the same time, he compared Poland’s needs and actions regarding armament to countries such as Taiwan, Japan and Israel.

In addition to the conversation with General Milley, General Andrzejczak held meetings in Washington with representatives of think-tanks, including Atlantic Council.

General Andrzejczak was also a guest on the American television MSNBC. The General Staff of the Polish Army published a photo from the recording of the program on social media.

Main photo source: Twitter/@SztabGenWP/Embassy of Poland US

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