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Generation Z. Are studies important for children? Research results for the Wrocław University of Science and Technology

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Only 30 percent of people from Generation Z believe that higher education is crucial to achieving professional success – according to a study by the IPC Research Institute commissioned by the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. The greatest value for them is family, and their parents provide them with the greatest support. Generation Z includes people born between 1995 and 2012.

Only 28.4 percent students decided that studies are a necessary step to start a professional career – indicated IB IPC in a report entitled “Leap into adulthood”. Less than 30 percent respondents believe that higher education is crucial to achieving professional success.

– Young people are shaped differently by new circumstances, they think differently, but fortunately they talk about it openly and directly – summed up the results of the report, Prof. Ph.D. engineer Kamil Staniec, vice-rector for education at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, during Tuesday's conference at which the research results and the report were presented.

A plan for the future of Generation Z

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The study also shows that just over half of students (53.3%) plan to start university. 31.5 percent respondents do not know yet whether they will go to university, and 15 percent declares that he does not intend to study. This proves a trend among young people for whom a college degree is not as important as for the previous generation of millennials, in which the percentage of people studying was much higher and a college diploma increased their social status.

Vice-Rector Kamil Staniec emphasizes that observing young people facing the choice of a professional career is very important for the development of universities. – The trends that can be observed among Generation Z are very important information for university employees who want to adapt the offer to the needs of future students – he says.

Nevertheless, the study shows that high school students have a mature approach to their professional future. 60.6 percent respondents have plans for the future. Every fourth person (26.6%) has developed a specific plan of what they want to do in life, and every third person (34%) has some ideas in this regard.

Characteristics of Generation Z

The report “Leap into adulthood” indicates that for the vast majority of high school students, family is the most important thing, 80.4 percent responded in this way. respondents. More than half of respondents chose health and well-being (54.8%) as the second best choice, followed by friends (54.2%) and personal development (49.1%).

The importance of family in the lives of young people belonging to Generation Z is also evidenced by the answers in which parents are identified as the main source of support (62.4%), followed by friends and acquaintances (54.1%). Only 10 percent respondents look for help from people outside their immediate circle – psychologists, psychotherapists, teachers, mentors and clergy.

Generation Z lists honesty and integrity as the most important values. Almost half of the respondents (47%) answered yes. The next places were: good relationships with people (47.7%), kindness (46.4%), responsibility (42.3%) and empathy (37.8%).

Generation Z. What years

Generation Z includes people born between 1995 and 2012. In turn, Millennials, also called Generation Y, are people born between 1980 and 1995.

The “Leap into Adulthood” report was conducted in March and April 2024 among fourth-grade high school students. The study was conducted using quantitative methods (CAWI technique, electronic survey using a questionnaire) and qualitative methods (FGI technique, organized group interviews in the so-called focus groups using an interview scenario). The research sample was 1,124 respondents, 1,060 respondents in the quantitative study and 64 respondents in the qualitative study.

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