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Georgia. Massive protests in Tbilisi. The opposition leader points to the services

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On Thursday evening There will be another protest in the center of Tbilisi under password “No for the Russian government – no for Russian law”.

“The protest should not be stopped. Today at 7 p.m. we will gather in front of the parliament and we will continue the uninterrupted fight until we achieve our goal. There is no time to wait for the second and third readingsthe law must now be rejected,” we read in a statement issued by the organizers.

Georgia. Protests against the “Russian bill”

The Georgian Parliament on Wednesday adopted the law on the transparency of foreign influence in the first readingalso known as the Act on foreign agents. The bill will be considered in two readings and then sent to the president Salome Zurabishvili.

“It is obvious that the people of Georgia will never allow a government that is clearly pro-Russian to remain in power,” Zurabishvili told CNN. The president emphasized that the vast majority of Georgians support joining the European Union. Georgia in December 2023 received EU candidate status.

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– All Georgians feel European, neither war nor occupation of territory will change this – the strength of the population is steadfast. This strength will lead us to elections in October this year, and I am sure that this year we will also receive a decision to start accession negotiations, noted Zurabishvili.

The president said that the regulations being pushed through in parliament are “Russian law” i “an exact copy of Putin's law”. According to her, Moscow is “trying to stop” Georgia, and the country's government is “clearly helping it.” Zurabishvili announces a veto of the billbut the party in power has the votes to reject them.

Protests in Georgia. Russia comments on the demonstrations

“Every country, if it wants to become a sovereign state in which people have the right to independently decide about their future, is obliged to adopt the law on foreign agents, the essence of which is to prohibit external interference in internal affairs. Those who are against the adoption of the law, they clearly act in the interest of another stateand not in the interests of our own country,” Volodin wrote on social media.

The desire to introduce the so-called the Russian Act led to protests in the country's capital. On Wednesday, the largest demonstration to date took place approximately 20,000 took part people.

MP Aleko Elisashvilileader of the Citizens party, said in an interview with the Georgian website InterPressNews that he was beaten and has a broken rib. The politician took part in Wednesday's rally.

Georgia. Massive protests in Tbilisi

Massive protests in Georgia started after the beginning of April the ruling party Georgian Dream announced the resumption of work on the act on the transparency of foreign influence. A year ago, it was processed as the Foreign Agents Act, but under pressure from protests and criticism from the West Georgian Dream withdrew from it. Now the ruling party is demonstrating determination and announcing that it will not give up.

Modeled on the Russian act – for this reason also called Russian law – stipulates that legal entities and media receiving more than 20 percent financing from abroad would be subject to registration and reporting and would go to special register of agents of foreign influence. The Ministry of Justice will be able to carry out inspections of such organizations under any pretext.

After resuming work on the bill, representatives USA, UE i ONZ expressed concern and appealed to the authorities in Tbilisi to withdraw from the project. It was emphasized that it was in contradiction with Georgia's European aspirations and its European integration process.

Despite citizens' protests, Georgian Dream announced that it would not give up, and called critical comments and appeals from the US, EU and international organizations “interference in internal affairs” the end.

Source: CNN, BBC, Reuters, InterPressNews, EuroNews

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