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Georgia Meloni visited Poland. The right wing in Europe is getting stronger and stronger

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Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni flew to Poland. There was a lot about immigration and security, there were also words of support for the PiS government, which show what is at stake. Italy, Hungary, Poland, recently Finland, and soon maybe Spain – all these countries have recently made a sharp turn to the right and show that they feel stronger together in Europe.

Giorgia Meloni flew to Warsaw as a star of the European right wing. She is not only the head of the Italian government, but also the president of the Party of European Conservatives and Reformists, to which PiS belongs, among others. Meloni says that eight months after her party, the Brothers of Italy, took power, her country is doing great.

. “During the electoral campaign in Italy, it was pointed out that when the Italian Brothers win, the worst will happen, the economy will collapse and the country will be isolated,” says Meloni.

Not only is the Italian prime minister not isolated, but she is considered the face of a new trend in Europe. An anonymous EU diplomat – quoted by the Brussels portal Politico – said that the European Union is currently dealing with the “Melonian effect” – more and more countries are turning to the right. Most recently Italy, Finland, Greece, and maybe Spain next. The European right uses in its narrative riots that take place in the suburbs of French cities.

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Meloni: we are working not on how to manage illegal migration to Europe, but on how to stop itTVN24

Role model?

The head of the far-right Spanish party Vox even compared the situation in France to the situation in Poland and Hungary, which in his opinion should be considered as role models. “Women and LGBT people in Hungary and Poland walk peacefully on the streets because these countries have decided not to import Muslim immigrants who despise women, and homosexuals would rather hang from a tree,” said Santiago Abascal, head of the Vox party.

Santiago Abascal did not even mention discrimination against LGBT+ people in Poland. Generalizing about Muslims is hate speech. In two weeks, the author of this statement may co-rule Spain. After early elections, the extreme right may prove necessary to form a new cabinet. – Soon, the country number three, number four and number five in terms of population can be ruled, i.e. Italy, Spain and Poland, by forces based on tradition, common sense and realism, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki believes.

The Polish head of government omitted the fact that the tradition referred to by the Italian Brothers Girogii Meloni is fascism – which is no secret to anyone in Italy. Although the Prime Minister of Italy, rather than post-fascists, prefers to call his party “conservatives” and the government “centre-right”. – Giorgia Meloni’s fascist roots are obvious to everyone in Italy. It turns out that in a democratic republic, born in an anti-fascist spirit, this is not a problem. Are the majority of Italians who vote for Meloni far-right? Of course not. Since World War II, Italy has been in the process of taming fascism. It is presented as a positive period on the whole, and the only complaint against Mussolini is that he fraternized with Hitler, explains Dr. Gianmarco D’Astolto, an Italian historian.

The Prime Minister of Italy in Warsaw did not talk about history. Giorgia Meloni prefers to look to the future. He sees a close partner in the Polish government, not only in the fight against illegal immigration. She even stated that “it is in the interest of the whole of Europe that Law and Justice continue to rule in Poland.”

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